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jasclermont 03-04-11 01:16 PM

Info on older folding bike - Bauer
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Hi all - I've become enamored with older folding bikes and found one I plan on grabbing this weekend. I really can't find much on this particular model, so I'm curious if anyone has any info (I'll know a bit about it once I pick it up this weekend). It's apparently a Bauer and was sold in a German bike shop, although I do not know how old it is. It no longer has its orig seat, but everything else looks orig. single speed with canister dynamo front and rear lights. There was one other mention of a Bauer Super Mini on these forums (no picture), but aside from that there's virtually no info at all out there on this model of bike.

Anyone have any insight on this thing?


brakemeister 03-04-11 01:31 PM

a Bauer ..... ( german word for Farmer ) was a small company in Cologne surroundings... prety much known for no frills but decent to good quality bikes .... the folding bikes were a very hot rage in the 70 in Germany and EVERYBODY sold them. If Bauer made the frames or just like many many others imported it from Yugoslavia /italia /or ???? ( not the far east as they were not building a lot of bikes at that time ) maybe its a bauer frame made in Germany
as with all these folders, with a few very few exceptions, they are really not worth for a full restauration.. meaning you will never recoup the money you are spending now, no matter how nice the results are....
A BIG HOWEVER however ... It is absolutely totally rewarding to rebuilt and use such an old classic. They are heavy as ..., dont ride all that well. but are soooo coool ..... especially in fast orange :-)
Have fun with the bike
( but dont spend a fortune if you think reselling it )


jasclermont 03-04-11 01:37 PM

Thanks for the info (and sorry if this was posted in the wrong forum - I re-posted in the "classic" forum, but couldn't delete this one). It's just strange that I couldn't find info on Bauer folders, where there is a wealth of info on a lot of other makes. I will likely "clean-up" the bike more than outright restore just for ascetics (and to get an intro to some restoration techniques), but I plan on keeping it for a while anyways (at the office so I can tool around the city a bit on it).

Russcoles11 03-05-11 11:18 AM

There are a handful of good 1970's folders that are worth knowing about: Raleigh Twenty, Dawes Kingpin.... Everything else is based upon the U frame like the Bauer and tends to get lumped together as so many bikes used that design. Obviously there will be variation in quality between U frame folders but the H frame folders were much better than the best U frame. Have fun with it and if you get addicted to refurbing old folders, get a Twenty or even better a Kingpin (if you can find one) :)

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