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folder fanatic 03-09-11 04:00 PM

The Cat Is Finally Out Of The Bag!
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Dutch Bicycle Courtesy Of The Flying Pigeon LA Bicycle Shop-

By popular demand, I have listed a value-packed sewing pattern on how to adapt most any bag to usage on a bicycle. In this pattern, you will find complete instruction plus crammed with photos & illustrations on how I selected, sewed, and attached an already sewn bag to all my bikes.
I know this project has taken me almost a year to complete. There were practically limitless combinations to at least look at and even attempt. I wanted to be as accurate and easy to do as possible.

SunnyFlorida 03-09-11 08:46 PM


Good luck FF on the patterns. I can just imagine all the possibilities. I'm pretty sure you test rode a few before you decided on these two patterns too.

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