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Gdashizal 03-14-11 12:27 PM

Is it safe to do tricks with a folding MTB?
Hi! I'm GDA, and im new here. So please forgive if this a newbQ or in the wrong section. :)

I'm Planning on buying a new bike, a folding duel suspension MTB.I want to know will it be safe to do tricks on it. You know manuals, wheelies, stopples, drops, whips, and so on. OR is it likely to collapse in on me. :cry:

Heres the bike i plan on buying...

brakemeister 03-14-11 12:42 PM

sure go ahead ....
I am kidding of course. There are bicycles designed to do tricks and they are bicycles designed to fold ... there is not one of them where you should do both ...


wandt 03-14-11 12:50 PM

No way I would do any of those on the bike pictured.

While not a folder, this ( is the only "mini-velo" I would consider doing a trick on (other than a good BMX bike).

MichaelW 03-14-11 12:58 PM

Any cheap, folding, full-suspension bike is going to be more trouble than it is worth.
Cheap full-sus bikes are not genuine MTBs. The massive tubes look strong but the weakness is at the thin metal tabs and flanges that fix pivots and springs. The suspension itself is of low grade.
Entry level hardtails from reputable brands do as advertised. I have ridden quite severe steep, rocky singletrack and minor bumps on basic hire bikes. Dont attempt any big hits or big air.

If you really need it folding, chose a hard-tail.

fietsbob 03-14-11 01:58 PM

Get a Unicycle and learn how to juggle at the same time.

14R 03-14-11 04:36 PM

The bike listed by the OP is a disaster waiting to happen.

ratdog 03-14-11 04:56 PM

Is it safe to do tricks with a folding MTB?


brakemeister 03-14-11 07:27 PM

Hello original poster
you might think we are all a bunch of old hardas..... who are trying to give you grief and only suggest the real expensive folders...
Not so
just that if you do what you are asking to do it will break and you will be out of 200 bucks and hopefully not hurt.
in other words we mean good ...

welcome to the folder side of things

p.s. there is nothing wrong on buying a cheap folder to use it for commuting or just plain fun. as long as you have fun riding the bike and it gets used its all ok.... much better than somebody buying a 3000 dlr XYZ and never rides it.
( although I am happy to sell a 3000 dlr bike any day

ratdog 03-15-11 02:41 AM


It seems the OP has gotten advice on the mountain biking section where someone who owned a similar bike broke theirs hopping off a curb at a 120lb weight. If that doesn't make him/her shy away from this I don't know what will.

brakemeister 03-15-11 07:59 AM

they fall apart NOT doing tricks !!!

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