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BikeKraft 03-16-11 07:09 AM

CitizenBike Alhambra
I noticed CB has added what looks to be a men's version of the Barcelona, the ALHAMBRA. Nice looking bike. Same gearing as the Barcelona. Looks like the same upright ride too. Same saddle and grips. Cream or brown tires depending on frame color. I have to admit I really like riding the Barcelona, a very comfortable bicycle. My pregnant daughter much prefers it to her Downtube 8H, though she loves her 8H. I would like to see more gears or at least a higher top gear, but my wife (who owns the bike) says it's perfect the way it is. Anyway I would consider this bicycle though I did have issues with the hinge on the Barcelona. I am happy with the remedy described in another post.
Citizen Bike was good to deal with. I would probably add the front rack option, I like the one on the Barcelona.

Foldable Two 03-16-11 10:39 AM

Possibly they named it the ALHAMBRA because it has Moor features than the BARCELONA!

(Yes, I am a Moor from Alhambra High - Alhambra, CA)


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