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ahson 03-17-11 09:56 AM

Raleigh folder: Raleigh Stowaway
I see this Raleigh folder has been up in our local market for quite awhile and it's still up for sale. It's a Raleigh Stowaway, and curious is that the same thing as a Raleigh Twenty? How nice are they?

The seller is asking for $180 and I think that's rather steep. What will be a resonable offer for this kind of bike? From his pictures, the bike seems pretty clean though.

Dynocoaster 03-17-11 10:19 AM

Here is a little more history on the Raleigh
This frame is not the usual 20 bike and you dont see them as often. I wouldnt pay over $75 for it because I dont feel it is as desirable. just my 2 cents. Welcome to the fold.

philski 03-17-11 11:57 AM

Check out the "beater bianchi" thread below, this was a generic frame style that was used on a ton of bikes. It's a fun bike.

I paid $40 for one in similar shape, slight amount of rust... but otherwise good shape with all original hardware.

SunnyFlorida 03-17-11 05:38 PM

$180 is pretty steep. However, if it brakes and rides well, it may be worth it if you're not handy with bikes.

If it doesn't brake, shift or ride well, than $180 is way too much considering what you would have to do to bring it up to par.

wahoonc 03-17-11 06:31 PM

That is the later model that was made in either Japan or Taiwan. I don't know if it is built to the same standards and durability as the original Twenty.

Aaron :)

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