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Airburst 03-20-11 04:33 PM

OK, here's the situation. There's been a lot of talk on various forums on BF about the so-called "mini-velo". (For those that don't know, they're full-size bikes with a non-folding frame and usually 20" wheels, might sound odd but apparently they're pretty good in some ways). The most current thread is here

Firstly, does anyone know where I might be able to find one of these bikes in the UK? My second (slightly off-topic) question is: Does anyone know a supplier of polo bikes here in the UK? I've seen various polo bikes that would be fairly simple to convert into mini-velos, with parts I've got lying about, so I'm considering that as an option as well.

Please don't spear me too badly for posting about non-folding bikes in here, someone on the road forum suggested I post here. Since a few of the folding bike manufacturers seem to have also turned their hands to mini-velos recently, I figure that's reasonable advice.

Thanks in advance

NormanF 03-20-11 07:21 PM

You can think of them as folder bikes that don't fold.... which have small wheels. The Dahon Hammerhead and SmoothHound come to mind so folder bike manufacturers have ventured tentatively in to the area.

The idea of a compact rigid frame with small wheels offers all the advantages of a true folder with none of the flex that comes from a frame that's taken apart.

They're popular in Japan and have only recently begun to appear in the States... Silgey, Big Shot, Soma and soon Bikes Direct offer will offer them soon for sale. There is also a CF mini velo made by RANS.

Folding-Bikes 03-20-11 07:38 PM

Everyone in this forum knows that small wheels are the future, the only downside of small wheels is availability of tires (except thanks to the internet this is quite easy now) having more "mainstream" (ie cheap) bike manufactures making smaller wheels bikes is great!

Bacciagalupe 03-20-11 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by Airburst (Post 12386565)
Firstly, does anyone know where I might be able to find one of these bikes in the UK?

Moulton / Pashley probably still make a few non-folding mini-velos.

I don't know if you can get them or just the frame in the UK, but you can very easily remove the quick releases on a Swift, replace them with standard bolts, and voila mini-velo.

Mr. Jim 03-21-11 08:06 PM

KHS also made a similar bike called the westwood. I'm in the process of converting mine to drop bars and upgrading the drive train. For the record Bianchi also has made one but it was only released in the asian market.

I don't know about the Bianchi, but the KHS was only available for 2007, i scored a NOS one last year.

LittlePixel 03-21-11 08:19 PM

This place has them for sale - seems they have two small-wheeled mini-velos; the Cycroc and the Bruno Ventura Flat - both very nice but a bit pricey.... A good starting point though? Don't forget a non-seperable Moulton is basically a minivelo too...
OR a non-folding Twenty- like my 24" wheeled beastie.

Bruno Ventura (Very nice retro)
converts to:



Raleigh Shopper

Also google for : Pacific Reach, Cannondale Hooligan, F1 BMX frames...

14R 03-21-11 08:31 PM

LP, GO AWAY!:lol:

Every time you post, I end up spending more money!:crash:

On a serious note, your bike looks amazing!

Thank you for sharing.

LittlePixel 03-21-11 08:33 PM

@14R More pix (Scuse the primer)

14R 03-21-11 08:50 PM

I am glad you actively back into BF. I might need your help.

I sold my S2E and I am in the process of gathering the budget for my new bike.

Could you provide me with your trusty advisory here?

Folding-Bikes 03-22-11 05:46 AM


Originally Posted by 14R (Post 12392701)
LP, GO AWAY!:lol:

+1 God that "new" Shopper looks AWESOME

You can try a Reach at the NEC in a few weeks:


Sancycles 03-24-11 11:55 AM

My Bridgestone Asmo, wheel size is 22, 5-Speed, stainless steel rims/spokes/fenders, and newly painted.
I need internet images of this mini velo to copy the stickers.

BassNotBass 03-24-11 12:12 PM


Originally Posted by Folding-Bikes (Post 12393740)
... that "new" Shopper looks AWESOME

The old one looks pretty sweet too.

LittlePixel 03-30-11 06:43 PM

Just cross posting this thread I just made:
These frames are an ideal base for a minivelo...

Dynocoaster 05-01-11 10:33 AM

Ask Bikesdirect if you could do a group buy and if they would ship to the Uk? ChainReaction bikes ships to the US for around $111.

deejayleeho 05-04-11 08:36 PM

new to all this - got a Hooligan 8
I'm new to this all, and I was intrigued by the Mini-Velo sized bikes. So I went to my LBS and snagged a 2010 HOoligan 8 on the cheap. I'm looking to convert this to more of a comfortable, so I was thinking of starting w/ a riser bar? Anybody out there w/ experience customizing a HOoligan? I guess im a "clydesdale" in size, and wanted help in customizing, since I have no experience in this at all. Thanks!

ttakata73 05-14-12 07:51 AM

For those researching minivelos, I stumbled into this Thai thread with tons of pics of minivelos.

Many I've never heard of, clearly most were not for the US market but cool to check out anyways.
Oddly I don't see many minivelos rolling around Bangkok but I think they are ideal for such a congested place with small apartments..
I do see a lot of folding bikes, MTBs, roadies, and fixies though.

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