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TomM 03-29-11 06:00 PM

Anybody Here Have A Richtey Breakaway?
I am thinking of getting one and would like to hear any pros and cons.

fietsbob 03-29-11 07:32 PM

Look also at some of DaHons. use of their licensing the BAB stuff , and selling a whole bike.
26" hardtail mountain bike.

advantage ... Price..

LWaB 03-30-11 05:53 AM

Carry a spare downtube clamp. They are light, small and very occasionally get damaged.

Herb 04-02-11 02:25 PM

I have a Dahon Flo. The Breakaway system works well, no problems. The Flo is light and fast.

commo_soulja 04-03-11 09:13 PM

I wouldn't categorize the Ritchey as a folding bike. I consider it a travel bike. When I think of a folding bike, I think of:
-folding/unfolding and riding in about a minute, without tools
-small diameter wheels, compact frame
-easy portability, either hand carrying or rolling on it's wheels

The Ritchey takes considerably longer time to breakdown/put together, requires tools and it's a full size 700c bike. I like my Dahon because of it's simple single speed drive train and all of the pros I mentioned. It fits my needs. That said, if I needed a road bike that was easy to travel with, I'd consider the Breakaway.

Can you do the same ride with a folder that you can with the Breakaway? Certainly if it was equipped with a proper drivetrain, but you have to contend with the small wheel clown bike look and quicker handling of the small diameter wheels.

Toccata 06-18-11 05:53 AM

Just completed build up of a Ritchey Ti Breakaway. Rides every bit as well as my carbon road bike (older Kestrel frame). Have no reports yet in travel-ability, since yet to go anywhere with it. But, a nice ride!

dcrocker 06-26-11 06:27 PM

I have had one since 2005 and it's been a love hate relationship. I finally figured out why 6 months ago when I took all the parts off and got ready to sell the frame but somehow couldn't. The vast majority of issues I had were with the build kit. When I took my Campy Record/FSA carbon crank off of my Dean and installed them on the Ritchey frame the bike was literally transformed. My takeaway is this - buy just the frame and suitcase and then buy a build kit that is really good. I have had too many problems with Ritchey parts, including a broken stem, bent cranks, and a sloppy freehub, to recommend anything but their frame and fork.

I have their steel one by the way. The Ti one is ridiculously expensive and has a dated carbon rear stay design. The top tube is longer than my Litespeed Xicon and Dean El Diente, so a shorter stem helped. I have gone through 3 couplers and their latest design coupler is better with a small rubber o ring. You need to buy the Ritchey dedicated torque wrench as well that I think is set at 4 nm. Not the one set at 5 nm, that's for stems.

I have won races on this bike and have flown maybe 15 times with it and never been charged. I've raced it in Brazil and Mexico but it is not a racing frame - it is perfect for fast day rides and is a bit more laid back I think.

If you have to travel with a bike you need to take a hard look at the economics of it. If you build it right it may cost $2000 or so. Compare that to simply throwing your current ride in a Trico box or even, if within the US, simply using Fedex ground to send it to your ride site. Or borrowing or renting a ride.

I think it is best for people who would have it as a second bike and are passionate about the sport.

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