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HSean 03-31-11 03:48 PM

My folding bikes and questions!
I've got a few of these little guys, the three in the pile all came to me almost togeather, the blue and brown ones did anyway. I also have a nice Peugeot one with those weird 22" wheels
one question is for the Raleigh I think it may be missing something where it folds, anybody know a good exploded view of it? or a nice pic? the Pony and the supercycle where used as parts bikes

My little Raleigh needs a front fender if anybody has any leads on one, mines pulled up like it caught a curb

Dynocoaster 03-31-11 05:12 PM

What do you think is missing? Here is a nice 20 site for reference The 20 looks real clean.

Dynocoaster 03-31-11 05:14 PM

I would take the front fender off and see if the tab needs to be straighten.

randya 03-31-11 06:07 PM

I bent the bottom of the front fender on my almost identical R20 jumping a log on a trail. I simply bent it back and covered the paint damage w/ some reflective tape.

HSean 03-31-11 06:57 PM

Lol Good call Randya, i'll do that, as for whats missing, I feel it's pretty loose when It's in the unfolded possition, though I may be getting a second twenty soon so maybe i'll see that one's parts, It is in pretty good condition to, It even has the fine details still, like the little spring so the two halfs don't hit eachother when folded. when I went to buy it, I paid 70$ but had to take the blue one two, it was a 3 speed so great spare parts.

social suicide 03-31-11 07:57 PM

Looks like you might need to tighten the front hinge bolt (not the lever) should be just less than snug so it still folds. I got some used fenders on eBay because I crinked mine dropping a big curb.

HSean 03-31-11 11:47 PM

I did that with my 1939 Raleigh I crupped a curb and ir ripped the fender sideways. oooppppps! lol the other Raleigh is a green one

itsmoot 04-01-11 01:57 AM

All three for $70? You made out like a bandit on that deal.

HSean 04-01-11 08:33 PM

THe yellow one was free, the blue and brown where package deal.

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