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PapiBow 04-04-11 08:03 PM

Is Montague Paratrooper Pro worth extra $200 over Paratrooper standard
I am trying to decide between the Pro and standard version of Montague Paratrooper. The online retailers sell it for about $220 more, is it worth the extra money?

What are the tangible benefits beyond the technical jargon? Are the parts more reliable or weatherproof? Are the tires more resistant to punctures? Are the shock absorbers better? All that to justify extra $200? Is the Pro version in a good demand compared to the standard version?

Any recommendations for dealers selling them?

fietsbob 04-04-11 09:13 PM

Outline the differences.

PapiBow 04-04-11 10:16 PM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 12459198)
Outline the differences.

The manufacturer provides this compariosn table, but this is a technical jargon. I want to know how it will show up in practice

fietsbob 04-04-11 10:56 PM

Jargon translation : more $ gets 20mm more fork suspension travel,
and the cassette, shifters and derailleurs are 9 speed[#7] , not 8 speed.[#5]
slightly different crankset.
and the getting away from the Camo paint-job.

manapua_man 04-10-11 07:42 PM

I have the regular, a friend of mine has the pro. Overall, I'd say it isn't really worth it since you'll probably want to change a lot of the parts like I did anyway. I just changed all the moving parts on mine recently, and got a new fork (bought it used, old fork etc. was rusted to hell since the previous owner didn't really take care of it.)

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