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chagzuki 04-06-11 08:40 AM

Brompton raw lacquer finish durability
I've been reading about clearcoating steel frames and so far the concensus seems to be it's risky with any type of paint including powdercoating as rusting can still occur (supposedly no type of paint will be a foolproof rust-barrier).

So I'm wondering if anyone here has had any issues with their raw lacquer Bromptons? In fact, does anyone know what it is about their powdercoating technique that enables them to offer this finish?

fietsbob 04-06-11 09:33 AM

Lacquer is sprayed, liquid, it's not powder coat.
well, you will see the rusty spots and can do (clear nail polish?) touchups, at least.

chagzuki 04-06-11 10:11 AM

I assumed the term lacquer had been broadened to mean any sort of clear coat over metal. . . I guess because what I've read/heard indicates that powdercoating is the only type of finish likely to provide a proper seal.

14R 04-06-11 12:03 PM

Brompton has a history of integrity and respect for their client.

They had issues with the new tubing and the "lacquer" used for the raw effect in 2009 that lead to discontinueing of the "color"

Production restarted after 18 months, and the "new" raw lacquer is now listed on the 2011 catalog.

I just got my S6-E in raw, and I am planning on keeping this one for a while, so I really hope any issues from the past (if any) are now corrected.

chagzuki 04-06-11 12:21 PM

New tubing? Was that a change of tubing for supply or technical/performance reasons?

fietsbob 04-06-11 12:26 PM

Answers, better informed , here, via mailto: [email protected]

14R 04-06-11 02:18 PM

I believe the change was for supply, not tech/performance, but good to know they have an e-mail address for that kind of stuff, thank you for the contribution fiestsbob.

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