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JordanD 04-10-11 05:31 PM

How original is my Raleigh Twenty
I have a Raleigh Twenty that I got from a neighbor who was the original owner, rode it for a bit, then stowed it in his garage. It's a fun ride, but I don't know anything about it. How many of its componants/parts are original? How much do you think I should ask for it in a market like Austin Tx (when the novelty of riding it to work wears off I will probably put it on Craigslist and I have no idea what to ask)? Everything works and runs fine.

Link to Facebook Album:

Dynocoaster 04-10-11 05:37 PM

Appears to be all original, not sure about the tires. These bikes are going for between $150- $300.

JordanD 04-10-11 06:09 PM


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