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Ekdog 04-19-11 02:07 AM

Water Bottle for Folder
How do you attach water bottles to your folders? I've got a Dahon that I've been fixing up for short tours and that's one thing I haven't sorted out yet.

jur 04-19-11 04:36 AM

The plastic Cateye bottle cages have a slot opposite each mounting hole that can take a large cable tie. That way you can attach it anywhere. Protect any paintwork with some insulating tape.

lucille 04-19-11 06:35 AM

I have braze-ons for three water bottles on my NWT, so just like on any other bike.

brakemeister 04-19-11 07:53 AM

one word
two fish



ratdog 04-19-11 09:39 AM

Look here for options,

fietsbob 04-19-11 11:30 AM

Yup 2 fish Velcro strap attached bottle cages will, do it
Klick Fix offers a band on mount, and Zefal makes nylon hose clamp like pieces
to screw a variety of OP cages to fit say Kleen Canteen cages

This one may be Ideal for Beer :beer:

wernst 04-19-11 11:40 AM

Your dahon doesn't have two little holes (or plastic plugs inserted into those holes) just in front of the top-tube hinge? If so, then you use those holes to mount a water bottle cage.

Just checking the obvious... ;-)


14R 04-19-11 12:07 PM

Camelbak bladder on my back makes me feel the bike is lighter (well, technically, it is, but...).

folder fanatic 04-20-11 01:51 PM


Originally Posted by Ekdog (Post 12526187)
How do you attach water bottles to your folders? I've got a Dahon that I've been fixing up for short tours and that's one thing I haven't sorted out yet.

Either I make a separate bag just for the bottle(s), or I simply drop a couple in a bag attached to the bike. Either way it is still an inexpensive option.

Epicyclist 04-20-11 02:12 PM

Like Thor said, there's the Twofish one that lets you mount a water bottle cage to about any tube (seatpost or steering riser). If Thor sells it (I can't remember) you should order it from him, but otherwise you should be able to order it from your LBS or about any online place that sells things from the QBP catalog (aebike, bikeman, etc). I got one for my Swift recently and haven't attached it yet, but I am using Twofish's lock holder and it's perfectly good (better than the Kryptonite one).

Profile Design makes a thingie that clamps to the seatpost (should work with a steering riser too) and holds two water bottles. And I think Minoura makes a water bottle cage holder that attaches to the saddle rails.

If the water bottle cage interferes with the fold, I think Rixen Kaul/KlickFix makes something that allows the cage to quick-release, leaving only a very thin adapter attached to the bolts. (You'd still need something like the Twofish or Minoura holder to provide the bolts, though.) And I think the Twofish one uses rubber and velcro, so it should be fairly quick to detach even by itself.

How's that for an overly detailed answer? :-)

GlowBoy 04-21-11 01:26 PM

The classic (best cage on the market IMO) CatEye BC-100 has slots in back that allow it to be attached to seatposts or stem risers with either zip ties (as mentioned by jur above) or automotive hose clamps.

Paul Braithwait 04-21-11 02:19 PM

1 Attachment(s)

This is a Blackburn cage, strapped to the seat post of my Xootr Swift using three Velcro straps. It works fine and can be removed to fold the bike.

jur 04-21-11 05:35 PM

Two Cateye cages attached with cable ties. The one on the steering riser is permanent.

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