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Sun Out 04-22-11 08:59 AM

mini u-lock for downtube nova?
hey, all,

there's a similar thread to this one called "best lock for downtube" but i don't think anyone there addressed this specific question. if i'm wrong about that, i apologize in advance and welcome being redirected. i also posted to that thread, but no one's responded. i'm still figuring this forum out, so, again, i'm sorry if i've made an error.

i just got my first folder, a downtube nova. i am absolutely loving it. so far, when i've gone out to various stores and even local bars, no one's complained that i've wheeled or carried it in. however, i dread that this might happen at some point.

i am planning on commuting to work and suspect i'll bring the bag along just in case the security guards give me a hard time about it. but i do find the bag cumbersome. i hate trying to fold it back up (if anyone has tips on how to do this quickly and easily i'm all ears), as well as carrying those twenty-something pounds (i'm a little guy!). and while i'd rather do this than have it stolen, i want a secure and light lock for those times when i might have to leave it outside. for example, i want to bike to the movies and i can't imagine anyone's going to let me roll it in. the bag just seems like it would be super awkward. but i'm not entirely opposed. i guess i just want options. and as some have pointed out here, it just doesn't make sense to put it in a bag if i'm just running into somewhere quick.

i realize this topic has been covered generally, so on to my specific question: has anyone tried the kryptonite mini u-lock that's 5"? or even the mini u-lock that's 7"? i ask specifically about these because the former's only a little over 2lbs. does anyone have experience with it? i'm worried that locking the back tire and rim through that triangle in the frame will be difficult because of the nova's peculiar shape. it seems like the regular sized 9" u-lock would work, but it weighs almost twice as much.

if you do use either of these, how? if i use a mini u-lock and locking through the triangle in the frame is impossible, is it best to lock that back tire and then use a cable for the frame, front wheel, and seat? or should i lock the frame with the u-lock and run a cable through the wheels and seat? i feel like i read on another thread here that that back wheel is worth more than the frame, etc.

also, i expect i'll fold it when locked if it's for a longer period; i liked what someone else wrote about seeing a folded locked bike as an unattractive carcass, whereas seeing it locked opened looks appealing, different, and fun. i've already gotten lots of compliments riding around. and in my neighborhood in brooklyn people even ask how much it cost me. this makes me nervous, of course.

this might just be something i figure out through practice with one lock or another via trial and error. but i'm hoping for advice, as these locks are pricey. thanks in advance!

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