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Amuro Lee 04-23-11 12:07 PM

A brand-new Skoot folding bike
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My friend has just bought his new toy. :thumb:

Information about Skoot ;)

Patent document

The owner's blog!q7_S90...ticle?mid=5208

Amuro Lee 04-23-11 12:19 PM

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Instruction manual and catalogue. :D

Dahon.Steve 04-23-11 07:47 PM

I like it.

The idea behind the Skoot is to create a folding bike that does not look like a bicycle at all but a suitcase. You can fool probably 99% of the public which was the intention of the developer. It's a bike that would have zero problems entering Malls, stores, movie houses, resturants, hospitals, schools, trains and buses.

This bike would have trouble with hills since it's a single speed but it's obvious they weren't thinking the average user to be doing this. They bulit this bike for the purpose of entering large office buldings where security would stop someone with a Brompton, Dahon or Bike Friday.

I would not buy it since my Brompton solves this need but does anyone know the price?

Amuro Lee 04-25-11 01:01 AM

I only know that it cost around 850 in the UK 1x years ago.

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