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martinus 06-15-11 11:20 PM

So... this flat, "issue" ... does this bike ( nano ) have the skinny rubber rim strip, that most your avg. bikes from china ( pacific owned ) have ?

Dynocoaster 06-16-11 08:03 AM

Yes, it has a rubber band that slides to one side or the other. I took them off and installed tape.

martinus 06-17-11 04:03 PM

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Well, heres mine :

Re-tape-ed & re-cabled ( shorter housing in white ), old school Vetta saddle, Schwinn xs bmx pedals, Elite cage, 8mm crank bolts.

Dynocoaster 06-17-11 04:09 PM

Congrats, they are a lot of fun.

martinus 06-17-11 04:12 PM

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The "before" :

nerobro 06-19-11 02:24 AM

I bought rim tape, and a new set of handlebars for mine. I can't wait to get them on.

martinus 06-19-11 07:56 PM

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" Real " upgrades, next pay check... these will have to do, for now.

Dynocoaster 06-19-11 07:58 PM

I like the white cable housing.

nerobro 06-20-11 11:41 PM

Oops. I bought new rim tape saturday, but didn't install it. I had a rim tape failure tonight... Well there's my excuse to go hog wild and get this bike in Nero-shape.

james_swift 06-21-11 06:24 AM

New upgrades:

-Found a magic gear of 47x13, allowing me to lose the derailleur-mounted chain tensioner (Rocket BMX 10H 47T chainring, Dimension 13T BMX cog, KMC Z610HX single-speed chain).
-Origin8 quill stem adapter w/ 80mm Civia Bryant stem.
-Intense Micro Knobby-R tires.

762x54 06-21-11 09:59 AM

Looks good!! What is the total weight?

martinus 06-22-11 06:16 AM

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Nano in front of my "retro" allez ... must be a funny angle, since the allez is a 52 and the nano is a 53.

... & new cinelli zebra tape.

cedar_lake 06-22-11 07:35 AM

Mine arrived last night. I have two bike projects splayed all over the basement that need cleaning up tonight before I get started, but that's some motivation right there!

martinus 06-22-11 12:05 PM

How does "one" calculate GI fora 20" wheel ?

james_swift 06-22-11 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by martinus (Post 12825048)
How does "one" calculate GI fora 20" wheel ?

Choose "44-406" for the tire size:

martinus 06-22-11 03:09 PM

Thanks, no java on this comp... : o)

Looks like, these little guys will never be *fast* ... : o( ... not even with a 56/11.

martinus 06-22-11 05:12 PM

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Raised my FD. : o)

Had some free time ... an x-330 dontated parts, along with an old college franken bmx commuter.

52/12 ... with a 48 inner. This is ~90 gi, at 90 c/rpm, thats 24 mph. Much better, then the stock gearing, ( 20 mph @ 90c ) maybe now the tires are the next speed factor/excuse . ( link just in case )

I also had a chance to weigh it . : o(

... I'll find out on tomarrows commute.

cedar_lake 06-23-11 06:46 AM

Built mine up last night. 53cm size, no modifications except I took the wheel reflectors off, bathroom scale method says 26.6lbs. It was sooo hard not to stay up late last night and start swapping stuff around. I have at least two double cranks in the basement that would look better on this bike, not to mention a triple if I wanted to give this thing some rock crawling gears. I have a threadless stem adapter just begging to be installed with a nice shiny alu stem that should give me enough length to replicate body position on my good road bike. I have bar end shifters (and an 11X34 9sp cassette) that need using. The list goes on. I'll probably just do the rim strips and go get some initial ride impressions first. This thing is going to be a riot.

martinus 06-23-11 06:55 PM

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Morning commute, pit stop ...

( *note*: chain length, oops . )

martinus 06-23-11 07:02 PM

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Fixed the chain length issue, on lunch ...

but, not with a longer chain ... instead I made a tiny franken cassette. : o)

I used a Forte(hope it lasts) 11-32 ...AND, a Sram 12-23 .

So... I now have a 11-21, 8 sp ! ( 11,12,13,14,15,17,19,21.)

Shifts suprisingly well, considering the sloppy ( indexed ) levers.

~98 GI with the 58T :thumb:

martinus 06-23-11 07:12 PM

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The left-over cass/paper weight ... ( 12,14,16,18,21,23,24,28. )

Dynocoaster 06-24-11 08:29 AM

451 wheels and skinnier tires may make it go even quicker.

nerobro 06-24-11 09:11 AM

Rim tape installed. Tires are sitting at 110psi. I feel like a big man, I got the wire bead tires on without tire levers. :-)

martinus 06-26-11 09:51 PM

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Current state ... and, stuff on order.

cedar_lake 06-27-11 06:16 AM

Love the white on black. Mine's black too and I'm thinking white all around. My only mods so far are rim tape and keo's (black, b/c that's what I have laying around). The corncob cassette is a great idea.

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