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samosaurus 06-05-11 10:22 AM

Photos: Broga 2
I had to lead a ride with three newbies yesterday to the rugged hills of Broga and here are some of the highlights of my ride..

Had breakfast at this stall before the rest of the cyclists assembled.

It was a simple meal: Noodles and stuffed vegetables..

After a short wait, the guys are here!

How the bikes are transported..

I found this bug on my saddle..


samosaurus 06-05-11 10:25 AM

My handlebar rig

Here's a chase shot of David, my newfound cycling friend on his Dahon Speed P8

Riding into the sun..

Chong, taking a breather..

Jessica, David's other half on her Dahon Speed p8


samosaurus 06-05-11 10:29 AM

A pack of dogs, sleeping on the middle of the road..

Hikers parked their vehicles on both sides of the road..

Made it to the state border..

Hydration break..

Samo with the newbies..


samosaurus 06-05-11 10:33 AM

Its a nice roll back to town..

Just love the rustic scene in the morning..

David and Jessica crusing with the Dahons..

The bikes...

A deserving tea break..


samosaurus 06-05-11 10:35 AM

We ended the ride back to where we started...

An early lunch..

Chicken braised with Chinese wine and dark soya sauce..

Hot soup with pork neck and entrails.. hahaha!

Some happy cyclists!


Lalato 06-05-11 05:04 PM

Awesome ride and yummy food!

harlond 06-05-11 05:12 PM


kamtsa 06-05-11 05:41 PM

What are the two white things on David's seatpost?

samosaurus 06-05-11 08:47 PM

Originally Posted by kamtsa (Post 12744481)
What are the two white things on David's seatpost?

Dude, those were blinkers.. ;)


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