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samosaurus 06-12-11 12:27 AM

Photos: Chamang falls 2
Hello folks!

Just had a superb time with Mrs Samo and two folding bike newbies to the Chamang Falls, about 1.5hours drive away from where we live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Here some pictorial highlights of our trip:

Getting ready with my gurl keeping a close watch...

Farmer Wong (left) our host..

Michelle (right) chatting up with David and Jessica, a lovely couple with their Dahon Speed P8 folding bikes...

Pigeons having breakfast..

Its the human's turn to have their breakfast!

Fuel for the foldie: Vietnamese pho buc


samosaurus 06-12-11 12:30 AM

Our team photo

Getting the right fit - Farmer Wong's son

Last-minute adjustments before the ride...

Off we go!



samosaurus 06-12-11 12:32 AM

Riding with a nice sunrise..

Mrs Samo

The team forming a line..

Break area..

Ye old'e faithful - Samo's 2009 Dahon Speed P8

Continuing the climb..

samosaurus 06-12-11 12:37 AM

Climbing up and up again..

I've lost sight of them!

At the falls!

We did pretty okay..

A scene from the falls..

Some folks playing in the pool..

Farmer Wong with David and Jessica - sharing a light moment..

The flora and fauna..

samosaurus 06-12-11 12:39 AM

Phew! We made it..

A moment of Zen and tranquility at the falls..

Mrs Samo keeping watch..

Coffee break

Iced black coffee

Half-boiled eggs!

Toasted bread..

samosaurus 06-12-11 12:43 AM

Working our way back to town..

David and Jessica..

Mrs Samo indulging in a folding bike talk with Jessica..

Our Dahon Speedsters..

Michelle's Dahon Speed TR - a folding touring bike..

Samo's faithful ride: The 2009 Dahon Speed P8

Farmer Wong calling it a day..

kegoguinness 06-13-11 07:53 AM

Great stuff as always! Glad you had a successful (meaning FUN!) ride. Keep on rolling on them little wheels.

samosaurus 06-13-11 09:29 AM

Originally Posted by kegoguinness (Post 12780378)
Great stuff as always! Glad you had a successful (meaning FUN!) ride. Keep on rolling on them little wheels.

Thanks for your kind words buddy..

Sam :D

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