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samosaurus 07-25-11 08:54 PM

Coastal Century Ride
Hey folks!

Michelle and I had completed a tour from Port Dickson to Malacca (both coastal towns about 72km one-way) on our Dahon Speed TR and P8. Here are some highlights from our ride..

Setting up the bikes..

The Speed TR encountered some mechanical problems on its 3x8 SRAM Dual-drive gear, so, we got it fixed..

Adjusting the bike's panniers..

Hitting the road

This part of the journey is pretty flat..


samosaurus 07-25-11 08:56 PM

Arriving on our first pitstop, it started to rain too..

Taking shelter at a bait stall..

The daily commuters

Crossing the state border

Ready to roll again..


samosaurus 07-25-11 08:59 PM

Its a smooth cruise..

Reaching a small town in Northern Malacca for a refreshment break..

The Dahon Speedsters

Mrs Samo

This is a nice coffeeshop

Bird crap on my helmet.. Just one of those days.. Hahah!


samosaurus 07-25-11 09:01 PM

Meal time: the best part of the journey..

Noodles with soya sauce gravy..

A friendly fella

My panniers

The dog, accompanying us at breakfast..


samosaurus 07-25-11 09:05 PM

Our journey resumes....

Fishing boats moored on a riverbank

Workmen repairing a mosque minaret

A fisherman in action

The ride continues..


samosaurus 07-25-11 09:08 PM

Livestock crossing..

Roadside stalls..

Riding along Malacca's coastal area..

We've reached as far as the road could take us..

Climbing with the Speed TR, made easy with the SRAM Dual-drive II 3x8


samosaurus 07-25-11 09:11 PM

We've made a one-hour detour to see the coastal side of Malacca and had to climb back towards the City area, here's a nice place for a break, in the middle of nowhere.. hahahah!

Young coconut juice - natural cooling drink on a hot day!

Oh yeah!

Onwards to Malacca City..

Climbing 20-kilometers of hills with a fully laden bike, oh yeeeahhhh!!

Getting closer to our destination..


samosaurus 07-25-11 09:15 PM

A view from the Samo command centre.. hahaha!

This guy is touring too..

Late lunch at a roadside stall near Tanjung Kling

Cendol, a dessert made from coconut milk and some green goey jelly

Satay, you will find this interesting: skewered meat roasted over slow fire..

Reaping our rewards..


DGozinya 07-25-11 09:23 PM

Cool pics! Looks like a fun trip, thanks for sharing!

samosaurus 07-25-11 10:05 PM

Much obliged buddy.. And thank you for your kind words..

Sam :D

samosaurus 07-25-11 11:20 PM

Continuing the journey...

After riding for nearly a day, we took refuge in Malacca, one of the oldest cities in Malaysia.. The Portuguese landed here in 1511, colonised it till the Dutch came and eventually, the British took over till we gained our independence in 1957.. Malaysia is a young nation..

These foldies beat us to the finish line.. hahaha

The trishaw is a popular mode of transport in this old city..

Here's a coffeeshop that drew a long queue for its good food..

There are some really old buildings here, and Malacca is a UNESCO Heritage City..


samosaurus 07-25-11 11:22 PM

An old-timer getting his ride fixed by a bicycle repairman in his old and trusty shop, downtown Malacca

The Malacca river, once a trade route for the spice trade in the Far East..

Its a beautiful place now..

A river cruise in action..

An old fort replica along the Malacca river...


samosaurus 07-25-11 11:26 PM

A worker in a motel preparing food..

After a hard day's ride, this is definitely worth every drop chilled!


The city's historical buildings..

Very well landscaped..


samosaurus 07-25-11 11:28 PM

Buskers at work..

Our dinner, roast duck and pork with rice..

Pork porridge

Spring rolls

The bikes, folded and resting in our motel, before the long journey back to the starting point..


samosaurus 07-25-11 11:30 PM

Aaaahhh.. Rise and shine.. We rested enough and its time to resume our ride....

A Sikh temple. The only one of its kind in the state..

Breakfast.. Noodles and stuffed vegetables..

Curry noodles..

Setting up the bike for our ride back..

Cruising along Malacca's street..


samosaurus 07-25-11 11:32 PM

One of the oldest mosque in Malacca..

The sun, rising steadily.. Its gonna be really hot soon..

Hardly any morning traffic on a working day..

Break area..

My trusty ride..


samosaurus 07-25-11 11:35 PM

Beginning our slow ascent to the hills of Malacca towards the Negeri Sembilan border.. Crunching gears! hahahah..

Break time..

Hydration stop at a small town in Sungai Udang

Even on a holiday, Mrs Samo is still at work..

The distance to go..


samosaurus 07-25-11 11:37 PM

The 2011 Dahon Speed TR, you can't go wrong with this on a tour..

Reaching the mid-way point, Masjid Tanah town..

My fully-outfitted 2009 Dahon Speed P8

Checking out a local bicycle shop, man, they sure don't see many folding bike tourers around.. hahaha!

On the road again..


samosaurus 07-25-11 11:40 PM

This river separates two states.. We need to cross it to get back to the starting point..

Mrs Samo charging away..

A scene from Kuala Linggi, the rivermouth faces the Malacca Straits..

This curious fella checked out our bikes..

Well, I guess he's not interested in Dahon folding bikes.. So, he took off..


samosaurus 07-25-11 11:46 PM

Aaaahhh... Finally, the last-leg of our journey.. The sun was above our heads, our skins scorched and our tummies were growling..

And our reward: an awesome Chicken rice treat!

This is fuel for our engines..

The final push..

We made it!!!! Yeeeehaaaaaa!!!!!

Our ride clocked about 145km, this topped our previous record of 132km.. Well, there ya have it, hope you've enjoyed this narrative as much as we did the ride.. See ya!


kamtsa 07-25-11 11:57 PM

As always, great pictures!

Is it a air horn on your bike? Do you use it often?

samosaurus 07-26-11 12:15 AM

Originally Posted by kamtsa (Post 12987241)
As always, great pictures!

Is it a air horn on your bike? Do you use it often?

Yes it is..

I use it in blind corners to warn incoming vehicles..


vmaniqui 07-26-11 12:31 AM

nice....and there you are -'re making me hungry again samo it.

samosaurus 07-26-11 03:42 AM

Originally Posted by vmaniqui (Post 12987287)
nice....and there you are -'re making me hungry again samo it.

Hahahah!! Thanks buddy! :D

Sam :)

chaiwalli 07-26-11 08:54 PM

you HAVE to use your horn - otherwise, how will people know that you're actually a vehicle! horn = moving vehicle.
I never got to Malacca when I lived in Aceh years ago and these photos only make me regret it more..... hebat sekali! apalagi ada nasi ayam, cendol, sama bir-nya: SEMPURNA! really great adventure, you lucky folks!! thanks so much for sharing the photos (as they say in Indonesia, 'bagi, dong!' ;-) )

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