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hhnngg1 08-27-11 03:16 PM

What do you use your folder the most for?
What riding do you use your folder the most for? Commuting? Errands? Training?

freighttraininguphill 08-27-11 03:26 PM


When I rent cars for trips to the mountains to do some climbing, I don't want the hassle of trying to put my full-size road bike in the car so that it doesn't damage the upholstery, which involves laying a tarp over the back seats and removing both wheels.

It's also good for those impromptu trips to the hills/mountains in other people's cars.

wahoonc 08-27-11 06:34 PM

Mostly errands and pleasure riding after getting where I am going by car. My current folder is a bit of a beast, it is 1972 Raleigh Twenty. I do plan on buying a Brompton soon to use for travel. I am traveling a lot more than I did when I first got my Twenty. The Twenty doesn't work well at all for flying.

Aaron :)

Cyiu23 08-27-11 06:51 PM

I use my Dahon Eco6 for commuting, and sometimes running errands.

mtalinm 08-27-11 07:21 PM

commuting 25-30 miles per day, and for travel.

in fact I love my folder (Xootr Swift) so much that I bought a second frame. one is optimized for commuting (drop bars, 451 tires) and the other for travel (406 tires, flat bar).

jur 08-27-11 07:38 PM

1 - commuting
2 - recreation (pleasure rides, road rides, touring)
3 - errands

Dynocoaster 08-27-11 09:21 PM


vmaniqui 08-27-11 09:30 PM

mine is for:
1) curve sl for commuting
2) speed tr for pleasure/recreation/riding with wife (she in turn will use my curve sl)
3) would love to have a speed pro for training though.

Transformer 08-27-11 09:53 PM

About 90% commuting (multi-mode) and 10% recreation.

fietsbob 08-27-11 10:49 PM


Foldable Two 08-27-11 11:04 PM

Errands & Recreation. (Commuting is a little hard when you are retired.)

elzy0000 08-27-11 11:05 PM

Mostly to commute to work when weather permits. Sometimes to the grocery store... and I hope to lug it with me when I travel.

Jiten 08-28-11 12:41 AM


Diode100 08-28-11 01:11 AM

Pootling 2 !!

commo_soulja 08-28-11 02:20 AM

Train trips into the city or to another city. Sometimes to fetch baked goods or a bag of groceries. Sometimes to ride to the biergarten.

chagzuki 08-28-11 03:10 AM

1. Tinkering.
2. Riding.

CSG 08-28-11 07:40 AM

While I'm still debating buying one, the main reason for me is to have a convenient bike on my road travels for enjoying bike paths and the like. I want something small enough to always have a bike without dealing with the rack and locks.

bendembroski 08-28-11 07:49 AM

1. Transportation
2. Kid Hauling (trailer)
3. Multi-Modal Transportation
4. The occasional recreational ride

UberIM 08-28-11 07:58 AM

I have brompton S ss..........I am using it way more often than I had thought I would:
We did a trip to CT, NY, NH, and back to ME (all three of my daughters are leaving the nest!): put the Brommie in the extended cab of my truck (useful for acting as a moving van for my daughters). Each leg of the trip I would do a 10-15 mile ride, each day. NICE to be able to travel easily with my bike. Having it fold up so nicely is a real plus with me and my wife. I am going to get her one too.......

I am finding that I enjoy doing the 15 mile round trip commute to work. Nice to fold it up and carry it up the three flights of stairs and store it in my office........

I need bar ends to give me more hand positions and a bar-end mirror but otherwise am loving it........

I am beginning to understand the response to the question "why a folder" with "why not a folder?"

Is my n + 1 going to be a swift? shhhhhhhh, don't tell my wife..........

jerrysimon 08-28-11 09:04 AM

I use mine every day to commute to work and back. A 10.5 mile round commute. In the last 18 months I have about 2300 miles on it.

I fold it up and put it in my office.

It does have a small electric motor on the front though :p



chagzuki 08-28-11 09:30 AM

I think I want one of those (the electric assist). Are there any threads with more info on it (I don't want to derail this one)?

thatsut 08-28-11 12:56 PM

attracting ladies, chasing bad guys and pootling

thatsut 08-28-11 12:57 PM

..well two out of three

Amuro Lee 08-28-11 02:08 PM

Commuting and leisure. :D

kamtsa 08-28-11 02:33 PM

Pootling and money pit.

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