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kamtsa 08-30-11 12:22 PM

How to fold a Brompton?
I stumbled upon this great guide.

brakemeister 08-30-11 12:34 PM

stumbled :-)

fietsbob 08-30-11 02:38 PM

oh that one, again.

vmaniqui 08-30-11 02:47 PM

funny. he forgot to turn off the light. should have said - HOW NOT TO FOLD A BROMPTON.

Jiten 08-30-11 03:00 PM

LOL, I didn't know a Brommie could be folded in so many ways. Give the man a Dahon! :D

gringo_gus 09-06-11 04:56 AM

the light is the icing on the comedy cake...

fietsbob 09-06-11 10:17 AM

In reality, the seat post goes down last, to do the fold properly.. :rolleyes:

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