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matchpoints 09-13-11 12:12 PM

Anyone familiar with this folder or company?
It's going for $250 on closeout. The following specs are for what they call the City Wind.

- 20"V Type Hi-tensile frame with suspension/fork.
- Patented stainless
- Steel latch system
- Patented folding handlebar post
- Adjustable T shape aluminum handlebar
- Front/rear brake: V brake
- Kenda tire with white fringe.
- Folding pedal
- Shimano 6 speeds
- Carry bag

The seller says the bike parts are from Taiwan and assembled in China and the quality of the bikes is between that of Dahon and Giant. They're getting rid of the inventory and has more styles but this one I'm interested in.

Cyiu23 09-13-11 06:34 PM

This honestly looks like a 6 Speed Dahon Boardwalk with adjustable handlebars. The frame is definitely "Boardwalk." Only thing I don't know about are the hinges, that will make or break the value of the bike.

Azreal911 09-14-11 08:17 AM

The Steer tube hinge doesn't look as beefy as the dahons i've seen.

Dynocoaster 09-14-11 08:35 AM

My first thought was looks like a Dahon Boardwalk. Not a bad deal as a SS Boardwalk goes for $269.

matchpoints 09-14-11 11:44 AM

So this bike or a year old slightly used Downtube Nova for $190. Fenders and rear rack would be added that would add some cost.

Dynocoaster 09-14-11 01:07 PM

The Nova has 7 speeds, lighter and nicer components.

matchpoints 09-15-11 10:39 AM

I ended up buying the Nova last night and rode it this morning. Gotta say, Night and Day difference between the Nova and my first folder purchase months back - Schwinn Tango! :) I'll still use it to grab groceries with my bright red milk crate. It's got that extra dorky loser look to it. Who would want to steal it? Even if it gets stolen it was only $40.

Although the light green Nova wasn't my color of choice (orange looks sweet, Hook 'em Horns) it'll be a good bike to use until I save up for a nicer folder for next Spring. By that time I'll have a better idea what suits me. It's always good to have a backup folder. Time to clean the bike and start upgrading.

Thanks for the input guys.

Dynocoaster 09-15-11 11:05 AM

Congrats and enjoy.

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