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chagzuki 12-19-11 06:07 AM

Basil luggage systems
Klickfix has been a staple when it comes to Dahon luggage and I'd not heard of any rival product until today:

Looks good at a glance, huge product range, though like Klickfix rather expensive.
What I'd really like to see is Brompton and Dahon cross-compatibility.

Anyone here using Basil gear?

paulkal 12-19-11 08:34 AM

My wife has a Basil bags and likes it, it seems good quality.

fietsbob 12-19-11 11:11 AM

KF sells the parts to other bag makers too, but not much crosses 'the pond'.

brakemeister 12-19-11 01:07 PM

hard to find over here as the exclusive importer doesnt know to much about the folding market or so it seems

fietsbob 12-19-11 02:06 PM

You order Basil direct , Thor?

brakemeister 12-19-11 04:52 PM

nope... at this point I am not selling it... but I would if I get some stuff together which will fit folders nicely AND the all exclusive importer would get it over here.... I dont go behind their backs and buy it in Holland .... just too much trouble

fietsbob 12-19-11 05:35 PM

Who is the US distributor of Basil. ? is there a distributor for KF
to try to get the LBS
to carry the line, or at least access ..

my part time gig, there, token old guy. :50:

fwd-bwd 12-22-11 06:01 PM

I don't have experience with Basil's BasEasy System that you linked to, but their Solen System on a pannier I used to own is very cleverly designed and solidly manufactured. The official Basil website unfortunately doesn't provide enough information on their various mounting systems. Check out this page instead:

badmother 12-23-11 05:09 AM

I am in the process of buying clickfix to be able to use the same bags/baskets on most of my bikes. I am sure both are ok but sometimes you want THAT bag or THAT basket and let that decide (like me on the Brooks front basket..).

Also I would prefer something where I could walk into a lokal shop and buy.

I like the Dahon front mount seen on the Basil sites since it is not sticking out so much. Closer to the frame allows for more weight in the bag.

I am planning to butcher a Brompton bag frame and a Clickfix bracket and join them on an alu sheet to be able to swap bags. Not sure I`ll do it to place Brompton bags on the Dahon becouse of the weight limits on the Dahon front block but we`ll see. Maybe for the Brompton "basket".

On the pictures it looks like some of the Basil brackets are metal, not plastic/nylon. I`d like to know if the weight limits is the same as for clickfix. Of course you still need to pay attention to what weights the bike can take without damage.

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