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Rob_E 01-04-12 10:08 PM

(Not terribly helpful) Raleigh 20 fork option.
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My Twenty has been sitting in pieces while I focussed on keeping my other two bikes running. But last month my Tote/Cycle came down with a terminal case of cracked bottom bracket shell, so I started looking at how to get the 20 running as my spare bike. Front fork wasn't working for me and it came to me with the original headset missing, but with a threadless headset the previous owner never got around to installing. I'd like to, and probably will eventually, go the route of the generic Pyramid fork with an extender, but I really wanted to get it running sooner, and it occurred to me that if most forks were too short, that was probably not the case with my Tote/Cycle.

Threadless headset + my Tote/Cycle fork + a 1" seat tube clamp + my Tote/Cycle's quill stem, and I'm in business. But it looks a little goofy. The yellowish section is all steerer tube extending above the headset. I guess I could raise those handlebars about up to the moon.;)

Plus, I think Tote/Cycles are a little harder to come by then Twentys, so tracking down that fork might not be a realistic option, but you never know.

social suicide 01-05-12 06:29 AM

You should probably get a rear brake on that frankentotertwenty if you plan to carry that much beer around! I've seen two tote cycles on CL for $25 recently in MI and WI and bbcbikes on ebay wants $600 fer one. Good luck!

Rob_E 01-05-12 07:05 AM

It's got a coaster brake right now, but I'm not sure the twenty is made for the beer runs the Totecycle used to handle. actually, given that I broke the Tote-Cycle, made it wasn't made for those runs either.

I saw that ToteCycle on EBay. Pretty funny. I loved mine, but $600? I paid $50 for mine. I guess I put a lot more into it with upgrades, but still...

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