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Folding-Bikes 01-17-12 11:24 AM

New 451 Tyre by Schwalbe - Ultremo ZX (Folding 160g)

Size: ETRTO 23-451 (451 x 23C Inch)
Compound: RaceStar
Execution: Evolution Line

, HD Speed Guard

Color: Black-Skin

Weight: 160 g (6 oz)
Pressure: 100-160 psi (7,0-11,0 Bar)
Maximum load:
Tread: HS 380
EPI: 127

Faster and even faster. We challenge ourselves. That is why in the "ZX" we installed our latest developments, RaceStar Triple Compound and HD-Speed-Guard. Both components perfectly combine the requirements of competition racing cycle tires. That is exactly why the ZX is the best Ultremo ever!

The question is: On what rim will they fit?

Some samples on their way! Will post if they fit on my AlexRim30

The Ultremo ZX is narrower than the Durano.

Will update when they arrive.


rhenning 01-17-12 12:26 PM

They will fit on a narrow 451 sized rim such as my Bike Friday Pocket Rocket uses. My rims/wheels are built with Sun M14As if I remember correctly. They will not fit on BMX sized 406 rims. Roger

Transformer 01-17-12 12:56 PM

Schwalbe makes a 23-406 version as well. I looked at them a couple of months ago but they are prohibitively expensive for me--around $75 each.

The 700cc versions appear to be more competitively priced at the retail level and are available is fashion colors :thumb::love:.

Folding-Bikes 01-17-12 01:12 PM

Comes in both sizes, but 406 already has quite a few tyres to choose from, unfortunately us that prefer the faster 451's only have 3-4 to choose from (Durano, Comet, Kenda..) having such great tires for our folders would be great!


Folding-Bikes 01-19-12 10:19 AM

Directly from Germany!

I will not be able to fit them on the bike until tomorrow :(


jur 01-19-12 03:24 PM


Folding-Bikes 01-19-12 05:42 PM

Ok, here it is, I couldnt wait until tomorrow to put them on.

First impression

I think this tyres are a deal changer when it comes to 451 20", no longer are we the laughing stock of wheel sizes! 406 have had the awesome kojak's for a while, the Ultremo ZX are Schwalbe's best racing tyre, from their website:

As tyre designers the Ultremo is the pinnacle of our ambition. We strived relentlessly to increase its speed and installed the ZX with HD Speed Guard and RaceStar Triple Compound. Both components are perfectly tuned to the requirements of an outstanding competition yre. The result: Significant reduction in rolling resistance. Even so we used additional material to reinforce the tyre shoulders and to ensure a considerable increase in mileage. ZX - the best Ultremo ever!


Easy, they go as easily in as the Durano, I changed it without the need of any tools, Schwalbe didnt have any 451 20x0.90 tubes so I used the ones I had on:

Pic of tubes:

Got a little excited when pumping feared for the tubes so brought it down to 120psi

Pumped and on the bike

View from the top, slightly narrower than Durano

Finally a GREAT tire for 451, I am definitely retiring my carbon full size racer now :)

But the proof is on the road, taking it tomorrow morning for a ride! :thumb:


jur 01-19-12 08:04 PM

Which UK LBSs stock these?

Folding-Bikes 01-20-12 08:59 AM

I got the straight from Schwalbe, but I believe will have them in stock soon!

Schwalbe told me I need: "AV7B tube or SV7B" (they didnt have any in stock)

But I went for my test ride anyway, just a short 20km ride across the city, I didnt expect to see much difference with from the Durano (by the way, they are no longer listed on their website, which must mean they stopped production? if so make sure you stock up!) but the difference is quite huge! the rolling speed is, because the tyre is much narrower and the contact surface even more, much greater, you can see a difference straight away.

But this tyre's best assets are when cornering, the Durano's weakest point, with the Ultremo ZX is just soo much greater, you feel the tyre grip (its a much softer compound)

I did the testing with 120psi

Durano Vs Ultremo size difference

No longer clean

On the bike

Close up


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