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boc 01-30-12 12:00 PM

New front wheel for a Dahon Speed TR
I want to get a new front wheel for my Speed TR. I've never liked the dynamo that it came with and actually think there's something wrong with it now as there's an incredible amount of drag on it. More than there should be in my opinion.

Does anyone have any good recommendations for non-dynamo wheels? Should I just get the D7 or Kinetix Comp front wheel? Will they hold up under standard road touring? Is there a better 3rd party option that will work with the 74mm spacing required? I'd like something somewhat sturdy but preferably not too spendy.

I searched the archives but didn't see much on this topic so any info would be great, thanks!

badmother 01-30-12 12:34 PM

Ask Thor:

brakemeister 01-30-12 01:24 PM

A Dahon Compe wheel is in stock and would do fine


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