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Ozonation 05-06-12 12:43 PM

Performance of Brompton (tires) on unpaved bike trails?
I'm off to Charlottetown, PEI, at the end of this week for a national science fair that I'm helping out with. I'm schelping the Brompton along to get in some riding, both practically (to and from the hotel, which is sort of in the middle of nowhere) and for some recreation, time permitting. The Confederation Trail is close by, made for multimodal use, and is mostly unpaved, crushed stone surface. Some great cycling tours apparently.

Who has taken their Brompton onto similar trails? Performed okay? I have the standard Brompton Kevlar tires.

alhedges 05-06-12 01:29 PM

I've taken my B. on screened gravel trails (which seem to be similar) a lot with no issues. Although you will tend to find a lot of dust on your bike...maybe use a dry lube on your chain.

Ozonation 05-06-12 04:20 PM

Thanks... hopefully I have enough time to make it onto the trails. Will look out for some dry lube.

JCFlack 05-11-12 08:53 PM

Last Sunday, I took my Citizen Tokyo on the C&O Canal towpath - this is pretty much like gravel. The Tokyo has 16" 305 wheels - a little smaller than a Brompton. It was pretty rough riding - I was happy to get back on asphalt.

LWaB 05-13-12 12:16 AM

I've done (as has plenty of others) a fair few miles on British canal towpaths. As long as the surface isn't too soft, the Brompton goes ok. Blacktop is always easier and faster though.

brommie 05-13-12 06:24 AM

did many miles on Marathon and the bold Kojaks. both oke, although the Marathons gave a more safe feeling. The Kojaks looked more damaged, because little stones were still in the tires. So the Kojaks maybe to soft. On both bikes no flat!

Ozonation 05-14-12 09:12 PM

I was on the trails the other day. The tires did alright. Admittedly, 20" tires that have a more aggressive tread and that are slightly fatter would probably be the happy medium.

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