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samosaurus 05-07-12 10:04 PM

Weekend Bike & Camp ride
Hello foldies,

Been a while since my last post.. Here's a recent ride I did with a buddy...

Waiting for Roger at KL Sentral

The Mcbreakfast crowd..

Roger and his bike in a bag...

Ready to roll..

Lots of hauling!

The bikes..

samosaurus 05-07-12 10:05 PM

The intercity train, delayed...

My gear

Some campers and their photographic outfit..

Here's my future..

Boarding.. Finally!

At our seats..

samosaurus 05-07-12 10:05 PM

The coach

Favourite place to stash the bike & gear

Samo's bike and panniers

Arrival at the KKB station

Taking a snapshot..

The bikecampers

samosaurus 05-07-12 10:06 PM


The stairs...

Still.. Lots and lots of hauling..

Setting up..


For future reference..

samosaurus 05-07-12 10:07 PM

Getting ready to roll..

Out of the train station ..

Kuala Kubu Baru

Riding around town..

Our makan place..

This place is well-known..

samosaurus 05-07-12 10:07 PM

Another angle of the makan place

The bikes


Roger, waiting patiently..

The write-ups

The cook

The signboard

The signature dish

This one nails it!

samosaurus 05-07-12 10:08 PM

Thats it! Time to roll..

The road

Climb... climb.. climb..

Break time..

Nice view..

Half-way mark

Selangor Dam visitor's centre

samosaurus 05-07-12 10:09 PM

Selangor dam

The man-made lake

Water level's pretty high

Cycling round the dam

Reaching the orang asli village

Kg Pertak

Turning into the village

First waterfall

Pushing to the campsite

samosaurus 05-07-12 10:10 PM

One of the guards..

Still pushing...

The campsite

The tarp shelters

I built this one..

Preparing coffee...

My humble shelter


samosaurus 05-07-12 10:11 PM

Conversation with an orang asli


Nothing like a cosy fireplace..

With 'real' fire..

Preparing dinner

Trying to chow down before nightfall..

samosaurus 05-07-12 10:12 PM


The come out to feed on salt..


Roger, in his shelter, big enough to keep his bike..

The bikecampers...

Job well-done!

Getting the bikes ready...

samosaurus 05-07-12 10:13 PM

One for the road..

The nice stream and rapids..


Breaking camp and moving out...

River crossing...

samosaurus 05-07-12 10:14 PM

At the steel suspension bridge

Riding out from the trail..

The slope on the way out...

Ooops! A chain-slip

On the road again...

The sun is coming up...

A view of Pertak

Rolling, rolling, rolling...

A nice downhill roll...

At Kuala Kubu town

samosaurus 05-07-12 10:16 PM

Breakfast in town...

The kitchen..

Chow time!

Visit to the only bicycle shop in town...

All the camping gear goes into these bags!

Waiting for the train back..

In a Komuter...

Samo and the bikes..

Pinigis 05-08-12 11:13 AM

WOW! Thanks for sharing. Can I come along next time?

chessyang 05-08-12 11:32 AM

sweet pictures! thanks for sharing.

Purpleorchid 05-08-12 12:10 PM

Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

pacificcyclist 05-08-12 01:10 PM

Wow, Bagus hah!

Terima Kasih!

badmother 05-08-12 02:38 PM

I really enjoy your trips!

jur 05-08-12 07:53 PM

Excellent trip & photos!!

fusilierdan 05-09-12 06:03 AM

Great trip report!

Cycledaddy 05-09-12 09:52 AM

Thanks for sharing your trip report and great pictures. Its been a long time since I've been in Malaysia and your report brought back such great memories. Your food pictures make me hungry.

rex615 05-09-12 11:45 AM

Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I always enjoy the pics and narrative of these great adventures.

ccsdc83 05-09-12 12:04 PM

Very nice images thanks for sharing all of these. Beautiful environments with incredible views in perfect weather. I could certainly spend a week or more in that area. We should have public transport and bikes everywhere.

vmaniqui 05-09-12 05:54 PM

samo boy. you sure know how to have fun. and wow - those food again. makes me hungry. the food is the best part of your journey.

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