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larkl 05-13-12 05:25 AM

Concern about front gear resting on the ground when folded
Is this a problem? We just bought a Schwinn Hinge from Amazon. Yes, I know it's not the best folder, but we wanted it for the camper and it's mostly used to get back and forth from the restroom. I had credit card points and it was basically "free". We had ridden a used Z-Bike a week ago at the local bike shop. The HInge rides much better than that, probably due to the 20" vs. 16" wheels.

Anyway, We're pleased with the Hinge. Looks to be well built and it survived the trip from Amazon OK.

I don't like how the front gear/chain rests on the ground when it's folded. Is this common? It is anything to worry about? I know the Z-bike had a little triangular stand underneath that prevented this (one of the few things Iiked about it).

ttakata73 05-13-12 07:45 AM

My Dahon had a resting bracket but I removed it to save weight.
I figure as long as the chain is on the largest chainring then it will protect the teeth from getting damaged.
Resting a steel chain on the ground will pick up dirt but I'm not concerned about it affecting durability much.
Obviously your situation is not ideal but I wouldn't lose sleep over it, you're not competitively racing it.
If it really bothers you or you want to minimize the chain from getting grease over your floor, you can bolt on a chain ring bash guard to protect it even more.

fietsbob 05-13-12 12:26 PM

not common to all folding bikes ..

az2008 05-13-12 12:53 PM

Many folders come with a bash guard instead of a chainguard. These two were posted to the forum not long ago.

You have to count the teeth of your front chainring, and make sure the distance between bolt holes (the BCD) is correct.

You'd be making a choice between protecting against getting dirty from an exposed chain along the top of its travel (using the chainguard the bike came with), or protecting the bottom of the chain (or things like carpet that it may rest upon).

IMO, most folders come with bash protectors. Maybe because most come with rear derailers. (Shifting a rear derailer causes chain movement that can/will cause the chain to jump off the front chainring when there's no front derailer to act as a guide.). The bash plates are on both sides of the chainring to act as a chain guide, keeping the chain from jumping off. It also acts as a bumper when the bike is folded, so those people never think about resting the chain on the ground.

You might be able to use a bash guard with your chain guard. You'd put the BG on the *inside* of the chainring (requires removing the crank from the bottom bracket). There may be enough clearance between the chainring and the stock chaingaurd for the BG to rotate.

If you really don't want to get grimey from contact with your chain, you could use a freedrive chain cover. That may work with a bash guard. (I haven't used one of these. I've read mixed reports. People seem to love these or hate them. This doesn't solve your problem of resting the chain on the ground. It may solve your problem if you don't like the idea of removing your stock chain guard. Your choice of chain lubricant would affect how dirty you get from an exposed chain. Wax-based lubes like White Lightening don't seem to transfer as much nasty grime as oil based.).

HGR3inOK 05-13-12 02:17 PM


Originally Posted by az2008 (Post 14217520)
... If you really don't want to get grimey from contact with your chain, you could use a freedrive chain cover. ...

When using FreeDrives cogs have to have at least 17 teeth. Evidently that's the tightest turn the FreeDrive can handle. Information at the Schwinn website indicates that the Hinge rear cog has 16 teeth. :(

Norman, Oklahoma USA

kamtsa 05-13-12 05:56 PM

Can you push the seat post all the way down when you fold so it rests on the seat tube instead?

kamtsa 05-13-12 05:57 PM

Dupe. Deleted.

larkl 05-14-12 04:18 PM

Thanks for all the informative and prompt replies. Yes - I played with it yesterday and ended up putting the seat tube down and locking it in that position. It won't balance that way, but I've already started on a little post bottom thingy that I can use. Since it'll be stored folded between camping trips in the garage, this should work for us (ie - I won't be carrying around my homemade support).


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