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rex615 05-15-12 05:52 PM

New Folding Recumbent
It folds and has 20" wheels.

JimBeans83 05-16-12 04:29 AM


Originally Posted by rex615 (Post 14228086)

Good for them in designing that, shame on them for a stupid video. Most people would appreciate seeing real time elapsed documentation instead of the fancy and time consuming (to edit) manner.

JGaerlan 05-16-12 09:45 AM

Still hoping for a bent that fits into an airline legal case-esp a mwb. Riding uprights is a bit getting harder on the neck/back with age esp on tours. Below is a link to folding bike retrofitted with the cruzbike retrofit for a FWD bent. I have an old dahon frame which I am converting right now. Front fork already done. I think this design maybe a good candidate for suitcase travel. Fork might have to be removed though for packing. Will post mockup pictures after i reweld the headtube.

feijai 05-16-12 10:56 AM


Originally Posted by JGaerlan (Post 14230720)
Still hoping for a bent hat fits into an airline legal case-esp a mwb.

Bike Friday Sat-R-Day.

LWaB 05-16-12 11:51 AM

SatRDays aren't being made anymore, AFAIR.

fietsbob 05-16-12 12:07 PM

Yup, the Production of Tikit folders took over the production capacity.
so, SatRDays are all used bike buys, now.

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