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Doonbiker 05-21-12 07:02 AM

Which bike should get a titanium makeover?
So this should be fun.

Which current bike (steel or aluminium) should get a titanium upgrade?

(Never mind the cost. This is more of a fantasy thread.)

Who knows, a manufacturer might actually read this and make it happen. :)

HGR3inOK 05-21-12 07:33 AM


Originally Posted by Doonbiker (Post 14250623)
... Which current bike (steel or aluminium) should get a titanium upgrade? ...

I know you said, "Never mind the cost." But I'm thinking a TI Dahon Boardwalk might be doable at a price mere mortals could afford.

Norman, Oklahoma USA

BruceMetras 05-21-12 09:34 AM

There is Len Rubin's Ultimate Folding Bicycle .. I think one complete bike made... then stolen .. then recovered... great story .. very costly.

BruceMetras 05-21-12 09:46 AM

A Raleigh 20 might be nice in Ti... there should be a big weight savings over gas pipe... as IH points out in another thread , there wouldn't be any weight savings removing aluminum bits and going with Ti.. and not much over lightweight steel tubes .. but Ti is pretty.. my two 700c road bikes are Ti..

ttakata73 05-21-12 10:20 AM

Although a one off was made already, I'd say a Moulton Double Pylon spaceframe would be the coolest display of titanium. It would probably be cheaper to hire a welder to make a one off for you than have Moulton actually market one.

rex615 05-21-12 06:42 PM

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I don't think a monotube frame (like a typical folder) would be an idea design to reproduce in titanium since it would be flexy. The Bacchetta titanium Aero would be an example of the material not lending itself to the design.

So I would have to agree with ttakata73 that a Moulton Double Pylon or better yet a Kimori would be ideal for my dream Ti bike.

Sangetsu 05-21-12 11:20 PM

I found a Birdy Ti on Yahoo Auctions. The used price was $2000, but only 200 were made for sale here in Japan. It looks and feels better than the aluminum Birdy, and the aluminum Birdy is damn good. So far the Birdy is the only folder I have used which comes close to riding like a full-size bike.

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