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Micheal Blue 05-21-12 08:43 AM

An "innocent" ride turns into a about you?
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Yesterday I took my Dahon Mu P24 to the Niagara Peninsula for a day trip. Loaded it on the GO train and took it to Niagara Falls. From there I planned to head back to Toronto (which I naively thought would be about the same distance as the expressway goes - 115 km). Well, following the backroads of the Niagara Peninsula towards Hamilton, by the time I reached the city my bike comp was showing almost 100 km (that included the 11 km to get to the train station in the morning), and by the time I bypassed Hamilton and reached the Aldershot train station it showed over 130 km. Well, I felt great so I thought why not take it all the way to 160 km (100 miles)? It was already dark by that time, so at night I rode
the rest in a local park. As Canada is celebrating Victoria Day today, last night there were private fireworks everywhere.
I guess it was fitting that my first century finished amidst fireworks. How about you...have you had the distance sneak up on you to the tripple digits, way beyond of your intended target? BTW, I found the bike quite comfortable for the trip. More hand positions would be nice, but the mirror is more important to me than bar ends.

Purpleorchid 05-22-12 08:03 AM


alexaschwanden 05-22-12 08:33 AM

Great job.

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