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samosaurus 05-22-12 04:04 AM

Weekend foldie race
Hello folks! Greetings from Malaysia... Just want to share last Sunday's foldie race that took place in my residential area..

My favourite riders Shawal Shafee and Mohd Hafiz Wong @ Wong Ah Thiam came in second and third respectively..

Wong, during a warm-up lap..

The foldies, waiting in line.. Not many and half of them are amateur athletes..

Two riders who are part of a team..

At the starting grid..

A former national cyclist (centre in red jersey) also took part..

My buddy Johnny Ng of My Bicycle Shop

samosaurus 05-22-12 04:04 AM

Off they go!

The weak riders, they were leading, these bunch were the strongest of the lot!

Shawal (centre in orange jersey) was one of the favourites to win the race..

First lap leaders..

Second bunch, the former national cyclist dude on his cheapo bike..


samosaurus 05-22-12 04:05 AM

Shawal, still strong - leading the pack in the second-lap...

Fight for first, second and third placing after three-laps at 9km...

The rider from Bike Tech Subang, a former national rider taking the lead on his carbon ori..

He was the fastest man today..

Wong, finished third..

samosaurus 05-22-12 04:06 AM]

The former national rider in his cheapo bike came up fourth.. Not bad.. Its not the bike, its the cyclist! Take note of the lady on the far right, she was lapped at least one round before she could complete the ride.. Now, that's true grit!

Samo, waiting for the rest to complete their ride..

Post-ride with Shawal and Johnny Ng from team My Bicycle Shop..

Team My Bicycle Shop.. Not bad, third podium finish for this season.. Congrats!

One of the main highlights: handicapped cyclists on the first race of the day..

This dude has gusto and bravado!

jur 05-22-12 05:04 AM

Great photos as usual... betcha in that last pic, he has a titanium lower leg, much lighter than a flesh-and-bone one... :)

BassNotBass 05-22-12 07:08 AM


Originally Posted by jur (Post 14255494)
... Betcha in that last pic, he has a titanium lower leg, much lighter than a flesh-and-bone one... :)


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