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Earl Grey 05-29-12 10:02 AM

Brompton S - how 'aggressive'?
Did a quick search but couldn't find much discussion on this - I've test-ridden an M-type Brompton with the telescopic seat post (the telescopic makes sense for a maximum-flexibility demo model). However, no demo S-type available.

I travel a lot - the Brompton would be for short (a few miles) trips around cities, parks etc at my destination, mostly in traffic.

My instinct is to go with the S- because I wasn't a huge fan of the upright M- stance, but I'm curious as to how 'aggressive' the position is. I'm just about 6'. My regular bike is a Fuji Cross Comp; while I don't like sitting as upright as the M- seemed to be, I wouldn't want my single handlebar option to be as head-down as the drop position on that.

I'm also thinking the extended seat tube is a good idea. A friend suggests that my height is close to the limit with the standard (although I appreciate that this is something I can work out with the dealer by test / measurement).

Any advice from S-type riders?


jcmkk3 05-29-12 11:37 AM

When I test rode Bromptons, the S-type with extended seatpost put me in about the same position as my hybrid. I'm 6' also, and felt pretty similar to you about the position that the M-type put me in. A little bit cramped and too upright.

chagzuki 05-29-12 12:42 PM

I use the S stem with a 55mm extender stem on top, making the bars about an inch lower than the M type. I actually like the height of the M bars but I can't stand the upsweep, it hurts my wrists after a few miles. I don't understand why Brompton haven't straightened it out by a degree or so, it doesn't make sense to have that upsweep on narrow bars on a commuter bike.
A lot of people use riser bars with the S stem, that gives you plenty of options but generally adds extra weight as riser bars are built for downhill and tend to weigh 300g instead of the 130g S bar.

fietsbob 05-29-12 01:57 PM

well there is adding setback, to stretch out the bar to saddle distance.. rearward,
did that with a Mk2 M3, but the Mk4 frame is longer .

was a discussion of using P steering riser and M bars last week..

previous discussion of a piece to put in between the bars and the steering riser
to make that adjustable .. and custom rebuilders to make the steering riser
Also height adjustable

Earl Grey 05-30-12 08:21 AM

Thanks for the input, all!

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