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ttakata73 05-29-12 11:20 AM

Angkor Wat with my Dahon Silvertip midtown
For anyone that has never been or you just want to see my ugly Silvertip, I just came back from Angkor Wat.

More pics here.

You really need 2/3 days to walk around and see all of Angkor's temples and it took 20 miles of riding from town to do a loop around the area.
The roads are pretty smooth and there's little car traffic so I think its great for biking.
You can rent cheap bikes for $1/day in town and I saw lots of new Giant MTBs rented about.
The hotels are cheap and there's a wide variety of restaurants in Siem Reap.
I found the Indian food so delicious and cheap that I ate it half the time I was there.

This bike is awesome.
It rides fast and although big for a folder, I still got it into a bag.
I'm not a real cyclist, I've only ridden ~50 miles over 3 days this year but I managed to get the bike up to 24.4 mph on a flat road.
This was after I had ridden 16 miles and I had the truss bag on and my casual hiking shorts and shirt were slowing me down.
I'd like to know what a real road rider with clipless pedals could get this thing up to.

One thing that stinks about the midtowns is the rear derailler cable can get caught in the fold pivot and ruined if you're not paying attention.
Although it still shifts, I'm going to have to replace my RD cable after 2 botched folds.
I must invest in some fenders to avoid mud and water hitting my back.

FYI, I took these photos with my Samsung Galaxy Note.
Its not so good facing the sun; a quarter of the pics I took were dark so I Photoshop'ed them brighter.
I'm sure many cameras would have a problem facing a bright sky and dark rocky subjects in shadow.
Otherwise I'm happy with the color contrast and photo quality.
The days of carrying a point and shoot camera on trips are coming to an end.
Having had iPhones in the past, I think they are rubbish now.
Android is a clearly better open OS and I can add a micro SD card, and have spare batteries for long flights/bus rides.

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