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paengn 07-11-12 10:37 AM

Deep Design R1C pedals
Anyone of you have experience using Deep Design R1C titanium platform pedals? They are just 184 grams for the pair.
Here's the link:


fietsbob 07-11-12 12:30 PM

1st time I've seen them, platform looks rather small..

ttakata73 07-11-12 03:30 PM

Yep, these are new to me too.
I'm not liking the gripping surfaces since they don't look to provide much from keeping your foot from sliding side to side, but it may not be an issue in reality.
If you get them, please write a review.

paengn 07-11-12 04:37 PM

Thank you, for the replies.

Dynocoaster 07-11-12 04:50 PM

thor has them for sale

brakemeister 07-11-12 06:51 PM

dont have the ti version ..... they are surprisingly grippy with tennis shoes though
not too big either .... but dont feel too small at least for my feet


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