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Weakling 07-17-12 10:41 AM

Need help find a forum for "bikes" that fall outside of "Folded" and "Kickboards"
You know the type. Sbykes that is not a folder and not a kickboard either.

Then there are other three wheelers that are more like Exercise bikes.
Step bikes or Eliptic or what name these have. I give this example.

That one do fold but is it really a Bicycle? You step on the things under the feet.
But seems to be a great way to move around :) Cost a fortune though and still
in testing if I get it. Approaching main release though.

But what I really want is something like this.

A new kind of walker #2.

That is more like a Mobility Aid kind of vehicle. somewhat foldable but not really a bike.

You sit on it and use your feet and it moves and you steer but
it is not really a bike? A kind of super safe balance bike for grown ups?

Kids like "Toddlers" have those small move about bikes that have no
crank and pedals to distract them from working on balance skills.

So a small version of the Draisine

A Modern Day Draisine: The First Bicycle

here a modern version of the Draisine.

Advantages of a Strider Running Bike

Sorry editing errors. Have no idea why the text is blue suddenly.

Obviously this forum is for real bikes even the folders are real bikes
while what I ask for is a forum for these odd ways to move around

badmother 07-17-12 01:41 PM

Not what you asked for but..

Weakling 07-18-12 11:14 AM

Cool bike those. I wish I had the knowledge and the skills to cut up and put together fancy looking cruisers and such show off bikes. Fun to follow what they do.

Yes close but not exactly what I ask for. I agree that I should find better ways to express exactly what I am after. It borders on Mobility Aid bikes but without being exactly those but maybe that is one way to see them.

They are also close to the "Sport for fun and exercise" like the Elliptical bikes but the Me-Mover step bike is closer. The way it folds is way better than most such bikes.

But all these are still "Bikes" and I am more like a Walker or Running Bike the old Draisine idea to use them without pedals.

Sure Kick Scooters like Xootr and Razor and Go-ped or Know-ped or what the name is they are without pedals but your need rather good balance
to master them. Only two wheels and rather short these are.
I need at least three wheels with standing and two wheels when sitting and running that two wheeler.

ESLA 4wheel kick Cycle they are more stable but very bad at folding and very heavy to lift too.

Then there is those for fun bikes like Unscooter which is not a Trikke but also ahve three wheels but use another way of being driven. Seems not so popular anymore.

But I need to stand and then sit and then stand again so a kind of "Running bike" that can be changed into a 3 or 4 wheel Kick scooter and then into a RollatorWalker folded small when one need to go into a shop or Bus. Three bikes in one.

badmother 07-19-12 04:14 PM

and this is also not right? Maybe somebody who are thinking like you or have same needs?

Weakling 07-21-12 07:11 AM

That is more like it i will give that one a try. Thanks much appreciated.
I may like being active there but I doubt them want me there.
I am a weakling with bad balance but I do pedal or kick myself around
and even walk if I must so I am a bit too normal there maybe?

Haha I have such weak arms that I most likely would not be able to turn the wheel
on a wheelchair at all. I have tested and I am too weak to go 400 meters with such.

But maybe a RowChair but they are too expensive to buy.

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