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mancunian 07-21-12 12:20 PM

Getting an Origami Crane thanks to this forum...
I've been using an old Giant MTX to commute and shop since I can't afford a car and the public transportation is so...lacking here (the routes keep getting rescheduled to be less and less helpful....if you cant walk 5 miles over hills it isnt really safe to rely on the buses!!!) but it's getting pretty beat up plus Ive been worried since someone in the building had their bike stolen from the parking lot (mine was left, guess it was too old & battered! but they took my lights) so i wanted one I could carry up stairs...but I thought folding bikes were still expensive and not really great for anything but short rides on very flat terrain (and looked really weird not that that shld really matter!)

Then I was bored & reading random news articles the other day & there was a silly little slideshow on small space living that was mostly puff pieces about expensive decor & almost didnt click thru to the end....fortunately i did 'cuz the very last item was this:

Wow! affordable & cute folding bikes??? where do I learn more??? so i started googling reviews & ended up here, and the fact that the owner of Origami is an active participant helped me make up my mind, to try out the Crane...when it gets here i'm sure the cats will help me figure out how to set it up! :lol:

kamtsa 07-21-12 12:30 PM

Congratulations! When you will get it please tell us how it works for you.

mancunian 07-21-12 12:46 PM

Will be sure to report w pics since i understand that is the custom here :) -- I think a lot of people just dont know folding bikes exist & would be really keen on them if they did, the people i have talked to about them the last few days have been quite interested but the local shops dont seem to carry them and at least a couple wouldnt be interested i'm would not believe the fight i had to go thru to buy a "dirt bike" and the flack I keep getting for riding it, even after i explained that I needed something small enuf to carry upstairs in bad weather (ie not a long step-thru) & that I didnt feel safe on a 26" road bike being 5'2 & after some bad experiences on the bad pavement here....

ETA: the flak was from some (not all) the vendors when i was trying to find a rack....public response has been abt 50% "Get a real bike!" and "Cute, that looks handy!" when out at the local farmers mkt or getting coffee....

hartjanet 07-22-12 03:40 PM

My husband and I just did the same thing and for the same reasons. We expect our two cranes to arrive on Wednesday and will be sure to post our thoughts and feelings after we try them out. We are planning on taking them on a cross country trip in our Chevy HHR and will also post our experience with the Origami cranes when we return.

Pinigis 07-24-12 02:18 PM

I like the thread! :)

mancunian 07-24-12 07:05 PM


Should add that we do have some very nice paved scenic multi-use trails in this town - just 2 & they dont go very far unfortunately, couple miles total, but they do connect useful areas & are very heavily used by people (& pets) of all ages, sports & skill levels....saw my first recumbent bikes on the closer one....! No problems that i've encountered sharing them, EXCEPT squirrels (they dont hear bikes coming) & Segway riders....whenever I spot a Segway tour coming I get ready to move onto the shoulder!!

So I will def be trying my Crane out on them when it gets here Thurs, who knows, maybe i'll start a trend!

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