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bikebreak 07-25-12 09:06 AM

anyone tried Alton minivelo?
I've been thinking of getting a minivelo and stubled across this one:

The components are quite bad but the price and weight are right (assuming weight listed is accurate).

The same company makes a 20" folder. Heavy.

I have heard nothing about Alton, per their website all made in china. The only dealers are in southern CA.

Any californians see one in person?

Dynocoaster 07-25-12 04:28 PM

if you do a search you will find 2 threads about the Alton and the person who purchased it. Looks like a good deal.

bikebreak 07-26-12 07:34 PM


I did see the other thread - that fellow bought the fixie version

the one I linked here is the same frame but a 7 speed. no reviews online, looks like the company has been around for a while in Asia but they just started US distribution

chaadster 07-26-12 08:00 PM

Wheelbase looks rather long for the category, which, while I enjoy the unique, playful characteristics of my shorter wheelbase Mercier Nano, may be welcome to those looking to use the Alton as more of a daily rider.

James H Haury 07-29-12 12:39 PM

Wow a mini Velo for 229 usd. If I had the money I'd try it.I always feel a little hinky with a folder. I want something with a top tube that inspires confidence.

bikebreak 08-08-12 02:42 PM

I ordered one, so it looks like we will find out soon...

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