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Training.Wheels 07-27-12 02:44 AM

Contrasting themes for my Speed P8 and Link Uno. Help me with ideas! :)
So I was thinking about making my P8 be my utility vehicle; the thing I'll be taking out for long days.I'll be putting a water bottle holder on it and installing lights. I'm torn between having a rear rack or a front kanga rack. Any help persuading me to go one way or another would be appreciated.

As for my Uno, that's where I need most of the recommendations. I want my uno to be my bare bones simplicity vehicle. I've got some fenders on it, but otherwise, it's stock. I don't even want to put reflectors on it, and I'll be keeping the lights on me by clipping them onto my backpack. I want to replace the seat, pedals, and handlebars with some stylish, lighter-weight, higher end yet reasonably affordable alternatives. In black or chrome. I want a more comfortable yet thinner seat, that's for sure. And metal folding pedals. Lastly, some better hand grips to replace the current boring ones. Links would be VERY much appreciated. I would very much like to see everyone's cool sense of taste here. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I guess I meant to say Vario rack, since Tern uses the Kanga whereas Dahon uses the Vario. Are they essentially the same thing? I notice in pictures that the Kanga can be mounted onto the luggage truss but the Vario seems to only attach to the stem. I'd rather have it attach to the luggage truss. Does Dahon and Tern use the same luggage truss?

ttakata73 07-27-12 04:36 AM

I think the Kanga rack is cool although I don't have one.
It just looks more functional since you can strap whatever to it easily.

I'd black out an Uno, make it look like a Knight Rider/Darth Vader/rat rod theme.

Folding pedals are heavy.
Quick release QRD pedals are lighter.
Look them up on ebay, there are several styles.

Seats are very personal so people have opposite opinions on every one out there.
I'm sick of trying saddles so I finally caved in and bought a Brooks but it was expensive.
There are countless threads on BF about saddles and reviews on MTBR.

The other parts are all over the map.
You can get very light stuff but the lighter you go, the more pricey things get.

Dynocoaster 07-27-12 08:18 AM

Schwable Duranos 1.0
2 speed hub
wood fenders shorties
Tioga spyder saddle
Soma Sparrow handle bars

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