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flashpacker 07-29-12 05:53 PM

lighweight flat pedals for use with sneakers
Any recommendations for lightweight flat pedals for use with sneakers? I don't like pedals that are too narrow e.g., where my foot feels like it is slipping off the side of the pedal or isn't centered over the middle of the pedal.

This is for the new Bike Friday mentioned in this previous thread!

I am trying to keep the overall bike weight down, so light is important.

jur 07-29-12 07:22 PM

I got a set of these

and added these toe clips to them

Works very well indeed.

rtz549 07-29-12 07:33 PM

They make some really nice thin and wide pedals these days:

flashpacker 07-29-12 07:36 PM

Thanks Jur! I am a big fan of your swift mods so trust your judgment. Do you think their city pedals would be better than the touring pedals, even if I generally prefer wider pedals? They look like a nice weight for a not too horrendous price.

Foldable Two 07-29-12 08:10 PM

We use BLACKLABEL pedals on all our bikes (similar to the Dans Comp platform pedals). Work great, especially for my 13B feet (size 48 in some of the world). They are light and relatively cheap, can get them in c o l o r s ! I've got them in Red, Lime Green and Black. In our opinion, being "clipped-in" in any way in the city is a pain.


jur 07-30-12 01:14 AM

The toe clip I find centers my foot nicely. I toured on these in Tasmania recently wearing waterproof running shoes with their typical wider sole, you know the type where the sole becomes wider towards the actual tread surface, I think most are like that. Nevertheless, they aren't all that wide, perhaps without the clips it might be a problem. I took those because I got fed up with unsealed pedal bearings failing on me, so got a set of extra cartridges for them. Since I have the cleats on my cycling shoes a bit towards the back, I had to install a wooden block between the pedal and the clip to make sure the foot positioning is same as my cleated pedals.

*Now where did I put those spare bearings...?*

fietsbob 07-30-12 09:24 AM

Ergon pedals also centers my foot on the pedal, by its contour shape.
no toe clip fits or is needed.

on my BiFri P Llama

only downside, use of 8mm allen wrench to install them..
but that is often the crank bolt size too.

flashpacker 07-30-12 02:30 PM

I think I'm going to get the ones Foldable Two suggested. An LBS down the road can get them in for $16.

Foldable Two 07-30-12 07:14 PM

I think you'll like them...BIG QUESTION: What color are you ordering? ... lol


flashpacker 07-30-12 09:11 PM

Good question about the color. The saddle I ordered has some pink in it As you know the bike is green, so I think I'm doing pale pink as the accent color. So maybe just the clear pedals? I wouldn't mind some pink bar tape and cable housing, but it could look horrendous. Honestly, I have no taste. lol.

social suicide 07-30-12 10:00 PM

MKS Lambdas are my new religion!

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