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derail3 08-07-12 04:18 PM

Brompton carrier block how much weight can it hold safely
I am going to start commuting to work on my Brompton next month. I have about 30 lbs of struff to carry to work. Is that to much weight for the carrier block and bag? I could not find a weight limit listed on the Brompton web site.

Lao 08-09-12 09:17 AM

If I remember correctly Brompton claims it should hold 10 kg.

HGR3inOK 08-09-12 09:58 AM


Originally Posted by Lao (Post 14584917)
If I remember correctly Brompton claims it should hold 10 kg.

From page 9 of the Brompton Owner Manual (English Edition):

"Brompton has a selection of luggage accessories that you may fit to your Brompton. They allow one to carry loads of up to 10kg on the front and 10kg on the rear rack."

Norman, Oklahoma USA

fietsbob 08-09-12 10:19 AM

Seems like you might want to not haul so much each time.. may be OK once to get stuff there.
and leave it.. memory card /thumbdrive instead of the Laptop?

Older bag frames were steel, so wear and tear, would be to the frame block,
which is replaceable.

It has been suggested : a strap around the luggage frame handle,
and the steering mast, ( that the handlebar is held by)
will help spread the load, by not levering so much
on the head tube block,
holding the bag by its bottom corner.

jefmcg 08-11-12 05:15 AM

Can I be a sticky-beak? What do you need to carry that weighs that much? I've gone on a week's holiday with multiple changes of clothes/shoes, laptop + charger etc and carried much less than that.

folder fanatic 08-11-12 12:06 PM

While the allowable weight is about 22.05 pounds (10 kg.) and even my home sewn bags could be loaded far heavier than that, I don't like to load my front luggage block that much. I like to limit it to just a few pounds anyway.

LWaB 08-11-12 02:49 PM

Have a look at particularly the section on stowing luggage on the front. Searching for Dave Holladay and Brompton might be interesting too. 10kg is very conservative.

JimBeans83 08-12-12 09:12 PM

Likewise, what in the world could add up to 14 kgs going back and forth everyday ? (many of us bike commute to work - a few times carry that much, a book or two to move between places, but once a month, which means you throw it on the backpack or on another bike with better carrying )

jur 08-13-12 05:47 AM

Problem with weight up front it renders the bike unstable - tends to wobble from side to side. Going at speed when this happens... scary. :eek:

Ozonation 08-13-12 07:58 AM

I find that when I commute, I'm pushing the 10 kg limit - I'm usually up about 8 kg: files, pens, odds and ends. The heaviest thing, embarrassingly, is my lunch! Thermos, microwave container, lots of fruit, etc. The thermos plus weight of tea is not insignificant - I could just get a kettle and leave it at work... but I'm too lazy to walk up one flight of stairs to the staff lounge to make tea! Go figure! I'm willing to bike, get changed, etc. but forget about going up one flight of stairs! LOL. ;)

30 lbs seems like a lot though. I'm sure the bike could take 30 lbs in a static state, but if that load goes dynamic (over a big bump, bike falls, etc.) it could push the tolerance over the edge.

LWaB 08-13-12 03:37 PM

Several times I've had enough weight in a Touring bag that I had to hold the saddle down till I sat on it, when shopping. That was before there was a rear suspension clip, it is easier to stop the bike turning turtle now.

The Brompton block is pretty tough, just make sure the bolts are tight.

jscalia 08-21-12 09:25 AM

I've carried way more than 10kg on the front and on the rack. A grocery shopping trip alone will easily put 40lbs into a T-bag. My 40lb son often sits ontop of the rear rack for short rides to sports practice. However, for anything longer than a few miles I would keep the weight up front to less than 30lbs just for ease of riding and limiting your chances of failure. The use of the top strap around the stem is a good idea if your bag isnt so full that you can get it to reach the buckle.

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