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commutenow 08-11-12 07:07 AM

Flatbars and long distance?
For those that have a folder with flatbars which grips and which barends do you use for distances over 25 miles? My fingers are having issues and I am using
Ury grips and no barends. Thanks for any insight you might have.

owenfinn 08-11-12 07:24 AM

Ergon GC3s are great.

BassNotBass 08-11-12 07:59 AM

Sunlite Ergo Form grips, no barends.

airwulf 08-11-12 08:06 AM

I have Ergon MR2s on my Speed TR and they are great.

vik 08-11-12 10:27 AM

+1 on the Egron grips. I use them on all my flat bar bikes and never have hand issues on long all day rides.

jefmcg 08-11-12 10:55 AM

Specialized BG grips

120 miles with just a little hand buzz towards the end

kamtsa 08-11-12 11:35 AM

Ergon GP3

Works great for me. Since they are not round, play with the pitch until angle until the top surface fits you the best.

Don't know what bike you are using but some have much more handlebar buzz than others.

NMBuff 08-11-12 11:50 AM

I have the same grips that ownfinn has on my hybrid that has a flatbar. Been a life saver because my hand would go numb when riding (NOT GOOD!). It's definitely worth the investment to get good grips because your life can depend on it. The ergons are great.

Foldable Two 08-11-12 02:40 PM

Have added some 4" 'bar ends' - wrapped with cushioned tape - to my NWT's straight bars. That, and looser fitting gloves, solved the hands going to sleep problem.


hopperja 08-11-12 11:38 PM

I've done a century (my first) with a stock Tern Link P9. It had the stock Biologic comfort grips on it. They are very similar to the Topeak Ergon grips others are talking about. One thing I learned doing the century, which was quite unexpected, was that the grip surface was just barely wide enough to comfortably rest my elbows on. This gave me a second "hand" position as well as a good tuck position. I think I've gone about as fast as 30 mph that way, so it is surprisingly stable. Due to the seemingly constant rain (outside of the 6 weeks of summer) where I live, locking grips are a must.

Bottom line: flat bar = ergonomic grips (Biologic, Ergon, or BG Contour, all recommended here).

fietsbob 08-12-12 10:18 AM

012, Ergon relabels the GC as GR, and 1 thru 5 as the bar end 2 thru 5 are lengthened.
I have a GR 3 on my Brompton, they fold down as adjusted unchanged.
with GC3/GR5 I must loosen the bar end and rotate them to fold and latch the bars..

mulleady 08-12-12 11:31 AM

+1 Ergon or Biologic a good alternative.

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