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bjorke 08-17-12 02:42 PM

Anyone know anything about FAXSON wheels
Not a trace of them on BikeForums, according to my search -- saw a parked Bike Friday today sporting Faxson wheels, wondering if they're a worthy challenger to Sun etc

dorkypants 08-17-12 05:28 PM

It's certainly curious that their "Brand's Story" page claims they got started in California in 2004, yet everywhere the content is in Engrish and the domain is registered by a company with an address in Taiwan. Lots of pictures of front wheels (only) on their website, but where are the actual specs on the wheels? There are tiny PDF icons which link to a PDF document (possibly a spec sheet?) but after several minutes it has remained stalled downloading to my browser.

Well, after several HOURS waiting for the 89.7 MB PDF to download, it turns out to be a corrupted file that won't display and contains lots of binary gibberish instead of PostScript code. This does not inspire confidence.

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