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blakcloud 08-23-12 02:46 PM

After 13n weeks the Brompton's finally arrived!!!
It was a long wait, in fact too long but they finally arrived. My wife and I took them for a very short ride through High Park here in Toronto just to try them out.

Her's is a 3 speed with the lowest reduced gearing you could order and the M bar. Mine is also a 3 speed with the 12% reduced gearing and the S bar. Both were suppose to have Brooks saddles but they didn't arrive and the front bag for her bike also didn't arrive. Hopefully in a week or so they will get here.

As for the ride, well what can I say, they're folders. This is just a different breed of bike. I chose Brompton because I like the folded size, that they are made in Britain, I could customize it at the factory level and I think one of the better looking bikes out there. Now I need to buy a couple of hard cases for them.

Now that the Brompton project is over, time to start a new one which I think will be a A. Homer Hilsen by Rivendell.

Dynocoaster 08-23-12 06:04 PM

Congrats, nice colors.

fietsbob 08-23-12 06:18 PM

IDK what cog is standard, a 13? I got a 15t for my BSR, it is a spare part,
from the MK3 bikes
when Brompton and Sachs were working together, so AW3 type 3 spline type.

Sachs 3 by 2 6 speed , 15 t was the bigger of the pair, so for a shifting gate,
every 5th tooth is short. I dont notice the difference 3 short teeth make..

Ozonation 08-23-12 09:21 PM

Hey blakcloud... congrats! They finally came! You'll love them. Very, very convenient, and when you get more used to it, the ride is pretty decent.

Now you got to upgrade! My first suggestion is to get better handles. Ergon grips are nice. It amazes me that Brompton glues on these cheap foam handles given how expensive the bike is.

My Rivendell is sweet! You got to get one... :thumb: Remember, you always need N+4 bikes around...

CSG 08-23-12 10:13 PM

I love the ride of mine. I don't get negative comments about the ride at all. It rides better than any other folder I tried save for a much larger Bike Friday. I replaced the saddle with a Brooks B17 and the grips with Ergons, two very valuable improvements for me.

The fold is still the best I've seen and people use these for touring all over the world. Brompton has critics here but I've never found that I agree with the criticisms (shifters, brakes, gearing).

Hope you love yours as much as I do mine!

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