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mulleady 09-16-12 02:22 PM

Problem photo URL of folding bikes in a post?
I used to be able to do it. When I click insert photo and select url and paste target URL from my Flickr account it then tells me it is an 'error: invalid file'

I can do it fine by attaching & uploading but not via an embedded URL link like before.

Any advice appreciated!

jefmcg 09-17-12 01:58 AM

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Above is a random net image, and one linked from Flickr.

Permissions: maybe bikeforums is respecting Flickr image permissions. If your images are note licensed as CreativeCommons, then Flickr blocks downloads. Try to view the same URL as you are trying to use here directly, but while not logged into Flickr. When bikeforums goes to download the image, it's not logged in as you.

owenfinn 09-17-12 02:46 AM

This is linked from my Flickr account.
In BF, click on the "Insert image" icon. You need to uncheck the "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" box and then paste the URL of image (from properties)into the field.

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