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systemegg 09-17-12 05:06 PM

Is my speed p8 new?
I ordered a Dahon speed p8 from amazon the other day.
The bike came today, but the tape seal on the box was opened, the box was seals by big staples.
I also noticed the rear reflector is white instead of red that I see in many pics.
Could it be a repackaged return item?

Training.Wheels 09-17-12 06:00 PM

Sometimes companies (Like Thorusa) open the bikes to check them out before shipping. Also, mistakes with reflectors happen. One time I ordered a Tern and it was missing the rear reflector completely. Check out the bike, and if the tires are new and there are no scratches and fingerprints everywhere, you should be ok. As for the reflector, just ask for a replacement from either Amazon or Dahon. :thumb:

systemegg 09-17-12 07:48 PM

Thank u for the info TW.

I'll contact Amazon.

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