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astroman 09-18-12 05:51 AM

Rear wheel/ tube issue on brompton
Hi all, just after some advice. I had a puncture on my brompton m6. After swapping the tube, I culdn't get the tube and tyre to sit right. It bulged. I checked and the rim tape was out of kilter. I took it to a bike shop fr rim tape to fit the small wheel. They fitted it and it was okay for a week and then the bulge reappeared. I took it back and they re did it. It seemed to be be all right visually but there is a still a bump when riding. They said it may be the rim that is out if it is still not right.

Maybe I damaged it using the little plastic levers?

If so is it even possible to buy new back wheels. I am in Australia. Perth to be precise. I have never seen parts advertised anywhere.

On the flip side do you thinks is safe to ride with the bump. Will it blow? I miss riding it!

Hmmm thanks!

BassNotBass 09-18-12 09:05 AM

Check the tire bead. I've seen tires with poorly molded or gouged (from tire levers) shoulder beads that don't effectively lock into the rim. When the tube/tire is inflated, the bead pops out of position and the tire bulges.

jerrysimon 09-18-12 09:10 AM

Yep a damaged bead would be my first port of call too. Also a possibility that your rim might be damaged may not circularly true, i.e. round/has a flat spot

I am not sure why a good bike shop would not recognise that though ?

If you are happy to build your own wheels (or even get someone to do it for you), Brompton rims are readily available (at least in the UK) and spokes easily supplied cut to size. Saves a fortune rather than buying a whole new wheel and hub.



fietsbob 09-18-12 09:13 AM

AU Recumbent bike Manufacturers, Greenspeed is the Australian Brompton Distributor ..

so check there for wheels and parts, though IDK what UK Royal Post
rate is to Oz.. for SJS orders.

astroman 09-19-12 08:55 AM

Thanks for the tips! I will check the tyre. I had not considered that. Don't want to replace the rim unless I have to. But if so I will order rim only and build from existing parts here. SJs is a good idea!

kamtsa 09-19-12 09:12 AM

Try to deflate and move rotate the tire in relation to the rim. Does the bulge move with the tire or stay at the same place on the rim?

fietsbob 09-19-12 09:15 AM

Make sure you install the tire properly.. go around it and see that the tube is between the beads,
none under , and ready to push the tire off the rim.. when inflated..

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