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crm276 09-19-12 09:51 PM

Hon California
Just a word of advice from some more knowledgeable members, is $80 for a Hon California in decent shape a good price, fair, or bad?


zebede 09-20-12 06:12 PM

For a bike that is operating in good condition with no pressing maintenance issues, I think the price is good. I bought one of the original California Hons a few years ago in poor condition and completely refurbished it. Replaced every bearing, cable, etc... Even though it was an older bike it had not been ridden much in it's life I sold it to a happy owner for $110.

If the bike is missing anything or needs maintenance start taking off money. People around here are trying to get $150 out of the more common midragne 1980s 90s Dahons.

Dynocoaster 09-20-12 06:23 PM

If it is Stainless steel they go for more.

crm276 09-20-12 09:36 PM

Thanks, that's helpful.

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