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badmother 09-25-12 02:43 PM

Bought a Mini (cooper) foldingbike today.
Could not resist this bike, Payed approx 200,- for a new one. Somebody got it as a promo and newer used it.

The one I bought (for my son) is black w a bright green chain and bell.

Alu frame, lots of Dahon`ish features like the wheels, grips, mountingblock for clickfix stuff and so on. Great, superlight bike, 8 gears. No pump in the seatpost. I`ll try to post pix soon. Anybody else seen one?

fietsbob 09-25-12 02:48 PM

Looks [web] like just a rebranding paint job.
but the price at 200 ought to make things feel better..

seems like the most common format to have a folding bike to sell.

Ozonation 09-25-12 03:22 PM

I'm guessing that Dahon mass manufactures most re-branded folding bikes. Good price though - enjoy!

bjorke 09-26-12 01:20 AM

My MINI dealer offered to loan me one (instead of a loaner car) next time the car's in the shop -- then they sold them out before I came in! Heh. Looked like a Dahon to me, too.

Please report on the ride....

(on a side note, I've seen that there's a Fiat 500 bike, actually made by Fiat in Italy)

Azreal911 09-26-12 08:20 AM

From the look of the website it looks like a pretty good deal.

things that I like about it.
- comes with a cover/carry bag under the seat, not sure if yours came with it.
- nice ergonimic grips
- Kojak tires for speed
- full sks fenders
- kickflix adapter already on the front good to go.

so quite a bit of nice add ons for a folder that price.

HGR3inOK 09-26-12 10:38 AM

The USA version is at:

IMHO, the handlepost and frame don't look like they are from Dahon.

EDIT: On further review, the frame looks like the frame that was used on the Eco C7.

Norman, Oklahoma USA

badmother 09-26-12 01:16 PM

Made some crappy phonecamera pictures tonight but now I can not find the cable for the phone/computer and the memorycard adaptor is not working:(. I`d say Dahon but not important really. The thing has got Kinetiks wheels and it is sweeet:thumb:.

Actually there was an elk in the forrest just 100 meters from the bike when I snapped the pictures. I am sure he admired the bike..

The bike has exactely the same bag/cower with drawstring in a seatbag as seen on Thors site and called "Carry-on Saddle Pack" Only difference is there is a "Mini" logo instead of the Dahon logo.

My BF found this site today at work

keke 09-26-12 01:35 PM

Nice looking bike! Looks lik the Mu series from Dahon.

I've considered them before but they were expensive.

Pray tell, where did you get yours?

tds101 09-26-12 02:43 PM

Now that's a hot bike!!!

badmother 09-26-12 02:45 PM

@ keke:

On our local "craiglist". Not the US. Not sure but I am under the impression that the guy I bought it from got it for free when he bought four Minis (!). He said it was a promo thing (the four Mini`s). Bike was just taking up space he said so he sold it. Started at 400, went down to 3 and then 200.

His ad is still up so now I started wondering if he got one bike with each Mini he bought... I`ll keep an eye on it. If he does not remowe the ad I think I`ll ask if he has got more to sell. Bought this one for my son and now I want one too.

My white folder is a nice bike but this one is so light... Used the train to pick it up (two hours+ going there and same back). When arriving I did not bother to unfold it, just carryed it off the train, down the platform to the stairs, down stairs, under track, up stairs (did not bother using the elevator) and only then did I unfold it to roll it to my car.


Look at the stem in this fold. Can`t be right? I fold the stem between the two wheels.

Here you can actually almost read the Kinetics logo on the wheels

itsmoot 09-26-12 03:48 PM

Looks like they folded the frame first, then the stem, and last the seatpost. Photographers don't necessarily have a clue how to use the subject they're shooting.

badmother 09-27-12 03:06 AM

9 Attachment(s)
Some of my own pix. First dog, bike and elk in sunset:

Then some bike pix:

Diode100 09-27-12 03:45 AM

20in wheels and it fits in the boot of a Mini saloon ?
Somehow I'm doubing it.

Fiat had a bike produced to fit in their new 500, that had 20in wheels i think, but you had to drop the back seats to get it in.

Dynocoaster 09-27-12 08:42 AM

Looks like a older Dahon frame but for $548 not a bad deal.

bjorke 09-27-12 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by Diode100 (Post 14779320)
20in wheels and it fits in the boot of a Mini saloon ?
Somehow I'm doubing it.

I keep my Dahon Boardwalk D6 around specifically for that reason. It fits in a Clubman with all seats up.

Pixelmonger 12-27-13 03:16 AM

I'm leaving this for anyone else that runs across this posting after an online search for info on the MINI Cooper folding bike.

This bike as of the 2012 and 2013 models is NOT a Dahon bike.

It is actually a rebranded Tern Link D8 without the rear rack.

Link D8 | Tern Folding Bike and Folding Bicycle Accessories

Tern Bicycles is a company started by the ex wife and son of the founder of Dahon Bicycles.

HGR3inOK 12-27-13 11:01 AM


Originally Posted by Pixelmonger (Post 16361050)
... This bike as of the 2012 and 2013 models is NOT a Dahon bike.

It is actually a rebranded Tern Link D8 without the rear rack.

Link D8 | Tern Folding Bike and Folding Bicycle Accessories ...

The bike in Badmother's pictures appears to me to be a variant of the Tern Link C7 rather than the Link D8. Note the safety on the main frame latch, the handlepost latch and the adjustable handlepost.

Norman, Oklahoma USA

Call Me Al 12-28-13 06:27 AM

Wow. It looks like good value. I would have snapped it up for 200.00 in a flash. Would much prefer the bike to the Mini actually! (The original mini - now that was a cool car.)

fietsbob 12-28-13 10:50 AM

& she has had it for well over a Year, by now..

zebede 12-28-13 08:20 PM

I would think any respectable Mini owner would not put anything but a Bromphton in his boot.

(just kidding)

Wish I had found that deal, nice bike.

deepsweech 07-15-14 11:54 AM

1 Attachment(s)
i have the same bike but the lime green version. Frame is actually a Dahon Vybe or Eco variant not a Tern Link. Notice the missing bottom chainstays. Even the handlepost/bar are very Dahon like. Except for the locks, the locks looks like Tern's Q locks (Adjusting the Q-Lock Handlepost - YouTube)

tds101 07-15-14 01:59 PM

Here's a strange review of the yellow model. It shows all the good & bad with this bike. The plusses far outweigh the minuses IMO. And getting a rebranded Tern is no problem, considering the $$$ savings.
MINI Folding Bike ? Minimally Minimal

deepsweech 07-17-14 09:24 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Here's my understanding of this bike. It's a bit of a hybrid of both Dahon and Tern C7 series.

Dahon Eco C7 Frame. Similar to Vybe C7 but Vybe is using a D Clamp.
Clamp is the same as Tern Link C7.

Dahon slipstream, same as Dahon Mu and Speed series are using.

Using Q-Lock telescopic post. A black color version of Tern Link C7's.

So I guess this is a C7 model of both :) Hope that helps.

dezzie 07-18-14 04:34 AM

MINI Folding Bike Faltrad - YouTube It fits

fietsbob 07-18-14 09:06 AM

Actually sir Alex Moulton designed the UK original mini (suspension),
so one of the Moulton bikes is related..

dual suspension, small wheels .. separable truss frame.

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