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conradpdx 09-30-12 08:41 PM

My new project bike---A Goricke Werke
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Just found this one in the scrap heap. Only thing I know about it is that it's labeled a Goricke Werke. Unfortunatly the fenders chain guard were really thin aluminium and bent to hell, the one tire it did have also was beat up too much to salvage, and of course the seat was toast too. Gunna be a fun project. I'm thinking of stripping it, cleaning up the ungodly sized welds on it, and repainting. Then building it up from there.

How I'm not sure, but I'm thinking S&A Drum combo 5 or 8 speed, and slowly build up the rest of the components.

Should be fun.....

By the way it currently weighs less than 10 lbs. and I can probably grind another pound or two off the excessive welds (they didn't show real good in the pic.s but they're way out of hand ---being a professional welder makes me a bit more particuliar than most on this kind of thing.)

FoldingLawrence 10-01-12 03:47 AM

Looks like a great project! What size wheels are going on there?

badmother 10-01-12 04:22 AM

Nice find. Keep us updated!

conradpdx 10-01-12 01:39 PM


Originally Posted by FoldingLawrence (Post 14792834)
Looks like a great project! What size wheels are going on there?

Probably a thin 20". The front that was on there was a 20x1.75. I'm thinking I might try to go to a 1.5 or so (not super familiar with folders, I'd really like to go 1 3/8- (Raleigh guy) but I doubt they make them in the 20" size). Though I'm also thinking of kinda making it rat rod style, and some of those BMX wheels with crazy spokes and colored rims would be kinda cool too. Just kicking around ideas.

Still trying to figure out the chainwheel too. Not sure what sizes are appropriate both in chain wheels and pedal levers. And finding the missing dust cap and cotters ones ta boot... The cassette in the hub spins super nice for such a neglected bike, I'd hate to replace it (if I can). Still gotta check the threading on it to see what's even possible. Any ideas of what the Germans threaded things around WWII?

I'll be checking in for sure, I'm not very familiar with folders as is, and I've already noticed parts and info on them is scattered at best. I'm just now coming to grips with the fact that I might likely have to make some custom handlebars for it.

But it's going to sit for a bit, cause I got two other projects ahead of it, and trying to decide what to do with it. Hopefully it'll be on the bench by Turkey day. Just wanted to get it the thread started, I've been wanting a folder for awhile and I'm excited about it.

BassNotBass 10-01-12 06:35 PM

That looks like it's going to be a fun project. I'm really interested in seeing the huge welds.

BTW you can get narrow 20" (406) tires like Schwalbe Kojaks in a 1.35 or even the Ultremo in a .90 for both 20" sizes (406) and (451). I've ridden the 1.50s and I think that's the narrowest I'd ever go on a non-suspension 20" wheeled bike just in terms of ride quality.

brakemeister 10-02-12 07:50 AM

nice find the Goericke Brand was long considered to be a upper quality brand in Germany, with a nice plant in Bielefeld, which is considered a city with lots of bicycle manufacturing power ( and parts as well)
Like so many other examples of being influenced by some corporate ideas of being the biggest ... their quality slipped in the 70's where some "ueber"manager promised some big numbers.... which got them down to usual quality without any edge over their competition.... eventually they most likely got bought by some investment firm and dissapeared in their original form and just lived on with theit stickers/name....

Your frame is most likey built in Jugoslawia, than shipped to Germany for assembly, or completely built even, than shipped north to Germany ... no matter, it looks a little nicer and thought out than most, and it is definitely a project .. to get it back.... from the little spoke lock on the rear stays to the .....

keep us updated...

conradpdx 10-02-12 11:43 PM

well I did find a picture of this bike in red under another manufacturer name on Picasa.

Pretty much the same but mines got brazed on pump mounts in a different location. Same looking fenders/chain guard etc. seat was different though, but I'm not sure the red one was the original seat. And the seat stays were big old lumpy stick welds and not nearly as nice as the stay in this guys album.

I very likely might make it a slow rebuild after all now that I got some sort of reference for parts. Now if I just find pictures of some of the many missing stickers.

JosephLMonti 10-03-12 06:31 PM

Speaking of the seat stays, it also looks like the ones on the red bike attach to the seat tube at a much lower point than the ones on the blue bike. Otherwise, I agree with you, these frames are nearly identical. I look forward to seeing your rebuild :thumb:

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